international-jock-neonNeon is one of those trends that has lasted longer than I thought it would. I would say it has been going on for three years strong. Each season more and more companies release neon colored underwear. Some have in solid colors while others have it in accent colors. International Jock sent an email out a while back celebrating neon underwear and I thought it would be a great post.

Flash forward and now I’m doing this post. I was going to scour the web and find some great neon but realized that International Jock already did the heavy lifting and they always have AMAZING pictures of the products. We have worked with IJ since the inception of UNB and want to send them some props for doing such amazing job in the underwear industry. Here are my top 5 favorite pairs:

Ergowear 3DX Swim Bikini Pink

Erogowear 3DX Swim Brief

While not exactly underwear Ergowear is one of my all time favorite underwear companies. They make underwear for men. The fit on every pair I have ever had, has been amazing. This gets my vote because I have a big love of pink. It’s not often we see pink swimwear for men! You will draw attention first by the color and second by the bikini cut. There is not much left to the imagination. Available for $36.95

CIN2 HARD Jockstrap yellow

C-IN2 H+A+R+D Jockstrap

I think every guy needs a jock in his underwear drawer. Even the most staunch boxer brief guy should have one. I chose this one because it’s one of C-IN2’s newest and hottest lines. Plus orange is one of those colors you don’t see in underwear all that often. And let’s face it if you’re going to wear neon underwear you want it to be seen! Available for $24.00

Cocksox CX76 Sports Brief

Cocksox CX76 Sports Brief

This has to be one of my favorite pairs of underwear I own. While not 100% neon the electric blue with the Neon Yellow waistband just POPS. The fit of Cocksox and the amazing colors just makes it a winner in my book. I have told them all along they need to create a jock in this color combo! This pair is a fuller cut as compared to the CX01 bikini and is perfect for any sporting activity. Available for $27.00

Garçon Model Espanola Trunks

Garçon Model Espanola Trunks

We couldn’t leave out you trunk guys! Garçon Model has exploded on the men’s underwear market. They launched last year and this year they created the Espanola trunk made in neon colors and accents. This pair has super bright yellow with pink accent. The color combo just pops! It leaves me to wonder what do you wear them under? Available for $34.00

UnderArmour Charged Cotton 6" Boxerjock Unknown-4

UnderArmour Charged Cotton 6″ Boxerjock

Lastly we bring you a long boxer brief. If you are looking for a pair to look good and work out in, then this pair if for you. UnderArmour is made for working out and sporting activities. One of the features of this pair is the fast drying material, which makes it ideal for working out or outdoor sports. The length is 6 inches so it runs longer than most boxer briefs. So if you wear this under you work out clothes it may show, but again wearing something this bright, wouldn’t you want to show it off? Available for $22.00

These are just a few of the great neon pairs that International Jock is offering. Go to the Neon Page on International Jock to see more!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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