xtumblr_msywbkjgpz1ql3ntoo5_1280.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qf5WmVf3ODI know I’m speaking to a lot of you guys out there. I am not a medium and haven’t seen since the mid 90’s. After ’97 my metabolism slowed down and I went from a 32 to a 36 in no time. Granted if I took the time to work out 6 days a week I could be in a 32 but I just don’t have the time to devote that much time to working out.

Over the years I have gone as far up as a 42 but back down to a 36 and in between. I am wanting to get back to a 36 and stay there, I am starting to work on it again. But let’s talk about underwear for us guys large and XL.

First thing to talk about is sizing. There are brands that don’t make underwear over size 36. The worst part with some of these brands is they run small as well, so anyone over a 35 inch waist can’t wear the underwear. This luckily hasn’t been too big a trend but it makes you want to double check the size chart, because sometime an XL isn’t an XL.

Some brands don’t make XL. There are a few brands out there who’s largest site is a large. The sizing sometimes on the large runs as small as a 34 inch waist. So there is no way a guy who’s on the upper end of the spectrum to fit in these.

Sizing for some brands is shrinking. Meaning some brands used to have a 40-42 now have a top end of a 38 inch waist. It’s the slowly shrinking waistline of underwear. So if the brand you like’s new pairs seem a little small, check the sizing chart to see if this has happened.

So you may be asking, “What’s a guy to do who’s on the bigger end of the spectrum?” Well I’m glad you asked! Speaking from experience, underwear is made for all guys! Us bigger guys love great underwear. We want to feel sexy and have undies that fit!

So what do you need to do to find great underwear? First, for any brand you are considering check the size chart (didn’t see that one coming did you?). Double check the underwear is made in your size. Then, make sure you order the right size on the size chart. This seems like a no brainer but we have talked to guys who refuse to move outside of a medium. They are a size 35 but still think they can make it in a size 32. Don’t do it, just accept the fact you’re a bit bigger, it’s not a bad thing.

Wear the style you like. Don’t let anyone’s opinion shape what you should wear. Granted there are times I put things on and went OMG NO! And sometimes I remove them and other times I say, what the hell! There should be no underwear shaming! Our underwear is our expression of who we are.

Lastly if you need help or advice, reach out to us here at UNB. Any of our guys would love to talk underwear and help you when ever we can. I’m always available on Twitter @unbtim (I may have to get back to you) or email. But use us as a resource!

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Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. Jake Pruitt Reply

    My hubby is an XL, and buying underwear can be such a pain for him. I feel bad when we both like something, only to find out that they make it in my size but not his. Spending a good chunk of money on undies only to find out their sizing is off and he can’t wear them sends me through the roof!

    Though I don’t like the way Andrew Christian has treated larger guys in their advertising in the past, they actually do make larger sizes and my partner loves them. They are consistent in their sizing across their range of products, and I’m confident that if I order him a pair, they will fit every time.

    He’s also a fan of 2(x)ist for a lot of the same reasons.

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