trunkbriefWildmanT just released their new collection. This collection has a lot of swimwear. So it made me think, which kind of suit would I want? A swim brief or trunk. When I was younger it was a no brainer, Swim brief all the way! I can recall several times when I was the only one wearing them at a beach or pool.

Now you get a little older and you ask, should you wear a swim brief or act your age? Some of you, this may not be an issue, but others out there know what I”m saying. Sometimes if you’re over 40, like I am, you don’t want to be that guy wearing something for a much younger guy and have others talking about you. But, I don’t think swim briefs are one of those items.

I have seen many guys in their 40’s and 50’s who still wear then and look amazing in them. I’m not talking muscle guys but some beefy guys too. Its more of your own comfort level as to what you will wear. I don’t think this is just for gay guys either. We have straight readers who wear them on the beach, which is AWESOME.

This past year I wore the N2N Stratum from last season. I loved the cut and the pouch of the Startum. It could be considered a bit too revealing at times. I only wore it to places where it would be either encouraged or accepted. So, in Atlanta, there were very few places. But it’s definitely on my list. But I’m thinking about getting a swim brief for next year.

As I get older I have gotten I have given up the idea of wearing a super skimpy bikini. My personal tastes have moved to the 3 inch swim briefs. The size that competition swimmers wear. I just thin it looks better on me. Heck, even back when I was 20 I love these cuts. To me the larger swim briefs were sexy, because you can show off but not show it all off. The downside of most competition swim brief is the lack of pouch.

I will be actively looking for a swim brief. I will keep you guys posted on which ones I like on Twitter (@unbtim) and asking your opinions.

I know we just left swim season but what kind of suits are you guys looking for? What is important to you? Let us know on here in a comment or Tweet us!


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