thierry-pepin-for-gregg-homme-01Each morning we stand naked in front of our dresser and closet wondering what to put on today.  We are a blank canvas, choosing clothing that fits our mood, our day, and our lifestyle.  How do we make these decisions?  And more importantly, how do we try something new?

Right now, I have one underwear drawer. The left side consisting of my basics and the right side consisting of my more adventurous pairs.  I look at both sides and wonder to myself what to wear for the day?  Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hmm I should wear this Gregg Homme thong today?”  Or “I want to wear my new N2N Bodywear jockstrap.”  These are typically not the first pairs we think of when we get dressed for our day in the morning.  Instead we grab the trusty Calvin Klein brief because we know it inside and out.  We all know what fits our body best or what is most comfortable but how do we try something new?

No one wants to be caught away from home in uncomfortable underwear with nowhere to run!  There is nothing worse than putting on a pair at 8:00am and by 11:00am sitting at your desk, wondering to yourself how you got yourself into this mess!  Here are some tips for trying new underwear out.  If you are cautious about going an 8 hour work day in a brand new pair, here is a great 3 step plan for you.  First, slip them on one Saturday morning as you are home.  Wear them around the house, doing chores and what not to see how they feel.  This gives you some good movement and if they are not working out, another pair is right in the other room.  Just make sure you don’t write them off too early before giving them a fair chance!  Once you make it through an hour at home in the new pair, take them for a test run on a few short errands.  Pick a few places not too far from home to see how they feel out in the real world.  Again, this is a great way to see how your comfort level is in your new pair without being stranded.  Hopefully by now you will know if this pair is going to measure up to your standards and be a great addition to  your drawer.  The last step is to finally take the pair through a long day at work.  A great way to add a little ease to your mind is to take a spare comfortable pair of underwear. Knowing that if any time during the day you can’t handle it anymore, sneak into the bathroom and change pairs!  It will be better than suffering through the day, never trying new underwear again, or freeballing!

For those of you more adventurous, slip on that new pair of underwear and head off to work, knowing that no matter what, you are wearing them until 5:00pm!  Think about the fact that you will be sitting in a meeting with your coworkers, suits all around the table and the guy next to you does not know that you are currently wearing a pink mesh thong.  Imagine your boss calling you into his office, telling you that you need to put yourself out there more but what he does not know is that under your suit, the Andrew Christian C-Ring Brief that you are currently wearing has no front pouch and you are definitely putting yourself out there underneath that suit.  It’s adventurous, it’s sexy, and it’s part of who we are as underwear men.

At the end of the day, make sure you wear underwear that makes you feel sexy, gives you confidence, and comforts you.  Be open to try new pairs whether it is for an hour on the weekend in the privacy of your own home or throughout a grueling work day.  You may surprise yourself on what you find you love!

Photo by Gregg Homme


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