db_file_img_429_1200xautoAs someone with a lot of underwear it is hard to pick my favorite pair of underwear. My favorite can change as quick as the weather does here in Oregon, and that is very quickly. I have a few pairs that I love and would call favorites but there is one pair I want to wear all the time.

My current favorite pair was actually reviewed by Alex on here. It is the MyPackage Weekday boxer briefs. What makes me love these so much is the fabric. It is made from 95% Modal and 5% spandex. I don’t know if I have ever felt such a comfortable pair of underwear before. They also stretch perfectly over my bubble butt and with all the movements I make during the day.

The color of this pair is really fun too…it is bright orange with a nice sea foam green color on the inside of the waistband. They are bright and just fun to look at…they may be plain looking just like boxer briefs, but I feel the color makes them interesting.

Another part I love is the pouch, even though I don’t need a big pouch. MyPackage includes KeyHole technology that is a nice comfortable pouch to hold your package. The special pouch also helped to keep your “boys” from getting sticky and sweaty during the day.

So if you get a change I highly recommend you check out MyPackage….I also have the Weekend Boxer Briefs and love them as well.


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