Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga 03 GBP 18.00 @ Deadgoodundies.comWith a passion for thongs and underwear that shows off a butt, I was quite excited to receive my first pair of Joe Snyder underwear which happened to also be a thong. Joe Snyder is a brand that in my mind I have associated with thongs and sexy small underwear ever since I first discovered the brand. Now, I finally got to slide a pair on. It was the Tanga Pride Frame thong and its look was beautiful. This thong was black in color with a bright eye popping neon orange piping that wrapped around the entire pair. This color combination was a great choice by Joe Snyder and they have several more varieties to choose from. Another great thing about this thong is that it truly reminds me of what a thong is supposed to be, thin waistband with a high cut back, exposing the entire butt.

I decided to enjoy myself over a weekend and gave this pair a run through some errands, lunch with a friend, and good lounging at home. I slide the pair on, adjusted myself, and took a look in the mirror. This pair has a great package enhancing style to it. The piping wraps around the bulge in front giving you a nice lift that extenuates what you want to show off. An interesting thing about this pair is that the front pouch may begin to feel too small and you may feel that you are falling out of the sides. When I took a closer look I noticed a continuation of fabric under the piping at the bottom of the pouch. This is a great design catch! The pair offers a tight, lifting bulge but allows for additional fabric at the bottom to make sure nothing falls of out of the side. I loved this fact! I will say that at times I did get that feeling that I was coming out of the side and double checked, even though I knew that extra material was there.

The material is a nice soft nylon/lycra which offered comfort throughout my day. I wear a medium and the thong stayed true to size. Noting that the front pouch felt tight at times to me, I am not sure how bigger endowed men would feel wearing the thong. Perhaps as you move up in size, the pouch grows too.

I love a good thong and Joe Snyder did not disappoint. Not only was the thong beautiful to look at, the design was amazing, and the feel was great! I can’t wait to add this pair to my main rotation and wear it to work! No one will know what is under my suit that day but I will be proud of it! An additional note about the pair, Joe Snyder has made them chlorine resistant so that they may be interchangeable as underwear and swimwear! Great versatility for indoor and outdoor fun!


  • Great piping contrast
  • Bulge enhancing with additional material for side support
  • Slim waistband


  • Slight feeling of falling out of the side with tight pouch


  • Daily Fit = 9
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 10
  • Daily Performance = 9
  • Overall = 9

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review.


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