Over the last year we have seen a big trend in men’s workout wear. That trend is runners! Back in the 80s when spandex came on the market there were tons of styles and colors. But when the 90s happened they went out of favor with the masses.

Over the last few years a few brands like TIMOTEO, n2n Bodywear  and Rufskin made them. But not a lot of other brands followed suit. I think the popularity of the singlet had fueled both buyers and brands a like to look beyond singlets and see what else could be made to be active and comfy at the same time. Let’s face it there aren’t many place you can wear a singlet and not get strange looks out in public.

Speaking from experience I have always liked runners. They fit great and give you great support when you run or are active. Plus I have always thought they were sexy as well. You would think it would just be gay guys wearing them to the gym. But I can’t tell you how many soccer dads in the burbs I have see wearing them to run or bike in. Granted it’s not all of them but I would say about 10% of them do. Which is up from very few to none


If you are looking for a pair where should you go. Well that depends on which pair you want. If you want the more erotic then we would suggest N2N Bodywear (pictured) and Rufskin. Both make amazing and very sexy pairs. But you will have to note that sometimes both brands can make them very low rise. They even mix in some mesh panels and bright colors.


Let’s say you want a pair you can wear to the gym or to run in? Which brand should you be looking at. More sporting  brands we suggest are from the likes of Nike and UnderArmour or my current favorite is Skins (pictured). Not only are the engineered for working out they look amazing. Each one of these brand design their runners for active guys, whether it be running, weight lifting or other heavy cardio.

But say you want to give them a try but not really spend a lot of money. Let’s face it they can be $60 and above. Then I suggest you check out cheapundies.com. They have released a very affordable line of runners in the last month. Give them a try and then if you become a fan move on to other brands!

Check out these brands for some runners and let us know what you like best


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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