addictedshotadRetail businesses have to seek new customers to purchase their products and show their brand on a continuous basis. Underwear companies, like any other business, creatively determine the best advertising methods in order to showcase their product and entice customers to come forward. Think about advertising for food. We can not taste it but we know it looks delicious when we see that picture. Our mouth waters and we increase our want. Underwear is built on our sense of touch. We choose what feels comfortable, what feels good against our skin, as well as for looks and practicality. So when it comes to advertising, how do the companies draw us in without being able to feel each pair?

Advertising is a process and companies know how to make that process work for their clientele. Each model, pair, scene, and pose is chosen specifically with the customer’s sense of sight in mind. The smooth chest, the exotic island, the large package, and the smooth bubble butt are all ways in which these companies increase our want for their brand. Recently brands such as Andrew Christian, Cheap Undies, and more have taken the visual to a new level in video advertising. These short clips create stronger connections between customer and brand, associating multiple models, movement, and sex appeal throughout the brain.

Sex is another big seller among underwear companies. We have always heard the saying “sex sells” and it is true. We are a culture built on desire, want, vanity, and the best. We know what we want and we go for it. The same should be for our underwear choices. We want the pair that makes our body look the best, makes someone want us, makes us feel sexy, and draws attention in all of the right places. This is why so many brands focus on package enhances and bubble butt boosters in order to accentuate what we want to flaunt.

Finally, one of my favorite advertising campaigns that I have seen in some print ads online is when the product, in this case the underwear, is not even on the model! One that comes to mind is this print with Addicted where the model is kneeling down with shadows covering all of the right places and we can not even see the underwear. But as they want, I am addicted to it and want to buy it! Or imagine a male model laying naked in bed, a view of a perfectly toned butt that any man would work hard in the gym for. The pair of briefs lays on the edge of the bed next to him. He is not wearing them but we want to purchase that underwear.

Think back to some of the advertising that you have seen out there. Was there an ad that led you to purchase a specific pair of underwear or start buying from a brand? Do you have a favorite advertising picture that appeals to your sense? Share your experience with us and become your own ad for that brand!


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