M.V.Buddha_5This is the fourth part of the 2015 Modus Vivendi campaign. The campaign was photographed by Joan Cresol. We hope you will check it out this holiday season as a gift for someone special or yourself.

Modus Vivendi proudly presents the fourth part of its latest campaign in which its new 2015 collection is presented by ten of the most individual, visionary photographers active in the world today. After our first three stops in England, the USA and Greece, the home of Modus Vivendi, we take you to Spain and its red-blooded capital, Madrid, the home of Spanish photographer Joan Crisol.

Crisol presents us with superb images of serenity, inner strength and harmony which, we feel, perfectly capture the spirit of the new Buddha line.
In fact, Christos Bibitsos, founder of Modus Vivendi, drew his inspiration for the new line from the martial arts practices of Shaolin monks, using oriental oranges and yellows to complement blacks in this wide new range of men’s underwear and loungewear.

There’s the super comfortable Buddha robe, lounge pants and converter boxers, along with some of the best-loved, highly individual Modus Vivendi designs, such as the langot, the sumo brief and sarouel pants, in new colours, patterns and fabrics. Joan Crisol chose model Davide Zongoli for the shoot. An artist, dancer and acrobat, Zongoli’s heroic physique, focus, incredible strength and flexibility helped Crisol to create the brilliant, mesmerising images that illustrate the Buddha line. Enjoy!

Underwear and clothing: Modus Vivendi (www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Photographer: Joan Crisol
Model: Davide Zongoli
Make up and hair: Jesus Serrano


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