I know we have some bare as you an wear bikini fans out there. Some of you have said how hard it is to ind really cool and skimpy bikinis. Well look no further than PPU! They have released this new bikini named the 1466 Not the most descriptive name but its super sexy and probably one of the hottest bikinis around in a while!

Thi pair has a counter pouch and super thin sides. It’s not a pair that you will see at the gym much, but I know some of you out there will wear it regardless. The back you may think would be just as small but it’s more of a full seat rather than a Brazilian cut. This to me adds to the sexiness. It shows off a lot more skin without giving it all away.

There is only one down side as I see it. The pair only comes in red. I’d love to see a lot more colors in this line. I think bikinis are making a come back and more and more companies are starting to make them. So if you are a big fan of them or want to try them, check out this great pair from PPU. Find this and more at GDD World.PPU_1466_salmon_2.jpg PPU_1466_salmon_3.jpg



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