IMG_5876Well, we have celebrated Halloween; Next up is Thanksgiving and then the biggest holiday of them all, Christmas…

I have always loved giving gifts, and I prefer to give gifts that I think is the best to give, and yes I am talking about underwear. My friends know how much I love underwear and study them. New materials, cuts and styles, and brands always catch my attention.

Anytime I can introduce something new to my friends I take great pleasure in doing so. I have been told I am great at selecting underwear that fits perfectly and provide ideal support and are also sexy.

I have always believed when you are passionate about something, you should share your knowledge and teach all who will listen. Over the years my friends have come to call on me for suggestions on all that’s new and exciting in the world of underwear.

I always enjoy watching my friends when I give them underwear. They always are excited and happy with what I gift to them. They know that the gifts are not a sexual advance but a kind gesture from one friend to another.

Later when my friends tell me how much they love their gifts, how great they look and feel on and how comfortable they are it truly makes me smile.

I think its great that we are at a point in time where giving underwear as a kind and thoughtful gift is acceptable. The stigma associated with underwear is going the way of the dinosaur.

So this Christmas, when you’re shopping for your friends, don’t hold back on that great pair of briefs, or trunks or boxers for all your friends. Think of how great it would be to unwrap a great pair from them.



  1. I own a bare handful of Andrew Christian briefs, but think they’re great and were probably one of the first to dream up the bulge-fronted style to allow a guy to look bigger where it matters! But I have 3-4 drawers-full of undies of all colours and styles. I used to wear thongs too, but don’t now.

    • Robert Hutchinson Reply

      Tache7 – I totally understand how your collection can grow so vast. I have saved several thongs in my collection as well. Lately I found they come in handy with the newer style of skinny jeans and slim cut slacks. It allows the pants fabric to hug each cheek and follow the curve into the crack. I hope that gives you something to think about. Let me know if you ever decide to downsize your collection. Best Regards – Rob

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