1779845_742083432541879_7520481130577451151_nLast year I got to try a great company called Blue Collar Underwear. They came on to the scene with a great collection. I reviewed a few pairs and think they did a great job with design and fabrics. So when the new collection came out we had to interview them about the collection. Here is that interview
For our readers who aren’t familiar with your brand, tell us a little about your company? 
FL: Blue Collar Underwear is a Texas based brand created to revolutionize the way men feel about their underwear and the way their underwear feel and fit on them. For us, it’s more than business it’s our passion. Blue Collar has nothing to do with the type of work you do but more about the conqueror inside of all of us that makes us fighters and not afraid to get dirty to follow our dreams. We intend to take over the world of underwear one sexy brief at a time and we are totally ok with getting dirty to do so lol10898067_756296647787224_1613408084623595420_n
BlueCollar came on the underwear market pretty strong last year, tell us about the new collection? 
FL: The New collection was created with one word in mind “BOLD” as we started planning for the new collection, we took a look over our current collection and thought of ways we could build on our strengths and make a statement at the same time. We wanted unique and fresh color combinations and patterns that you don’t commonly see on underwear. We wanted to challenge underwear consumers to break free from the status quo, so there are completely new styles that will certainly bring out the daredevil is us all
How does this collection differ from the last one? 
FL:  We took a big risk with this collection, it’s very bold and different. Almost a complete 360 from our last collection. It’s always a little nerve wrecking when you deviate from a formula that has worked so well for you in the past to just completely tossing the manual out of the window but we totally believe it was worth it.
Which of the new pieces stand out in your collection? 
FL: The City Brief Collection has been one of our most popular products of all, We’ve introduced 2 new colors which we can not seem to keep in stock. Also, I completely love the “Smack dat” handprint trunk which is has an amazing cut to it  once you try it on you will not leave the store without it and the Challenger Briefs” I have a couple others but I’ll start with those 3.
How has this collection been received? 
FL: It’s been very well received, which is so refreshing to us. There was so much anticipation built on the release of the new season and it was extremely important that we not disappoint our followers and our retail partners.
What makes Blue Collar Underwear different from other brands? 
FL: For us, it’s all about our customers and giving them our best product possible. They are the heart and soul of the brand and the reason why we are able to do what we do. I think a lot of brands forget the reason why they are here and lose their identity and the focus starts to shift to everything but what matters which is providing your consumers which the exceptional product they are entitled to.
Where can our readers buy your underwear and find you online? 
FL: Online They can find us at www.Bluecollarunderwear.com – We’re also sold in the following retail stores and cities. If their city is not listed, they can go into their local Men’s underwear retailer and ask for Blue Collar Underwear.
Retail Outlets:
  • Dallas, TX  – Skivvies & Skivvies Outlet
  • New Orleans, LA – Bourbon Pride
  • Orlando, FL – Mojoman Swimwear
  • Miami, FL – Creative Male Men’s Fashion
  • Phoenix, AZ – OffChutetoo
  • San Antonio, TX – MaleBWear
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Snug Underwear
  • San Francisco, CA – Entour Castro

Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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