D.Hedral has been a company that has been quiet as of late. Its been a good year since I remember seeing anything new from them. This past week I found out they have released the Gigolo Joe II. The Gigolo Joe is a pair of underwear that accents your bum. The design has the patented Angle Fit Technology.

For those who don’t know what the Angle Fit Technology – “AngleFit is the patented technology by D.Hedral Italia. A study was conceived to research ways to find the ultimate fit D.HEDRAL worked with many Pattern Cutters to explore and develop solutions to achieve this.The result was the creation of our Patented AngleFit Technology used throughout D.HEDRAL’s that introduces an angle, which, thanks to its geometric and elastic properties changes the tridimensional volume of the garment adapting it perfectly to the curves of each body.”


This pair is not one for wild colors. Its a standard dark color followed by an accent in the back of the Angle Fit Technology. You can get a dark color so it doesn’t show or go for a red or white to really show off. This line is also available in a trunk as well.

D.Hedral is doing something cool since their start. They aren’t doing any straps or contraptions that lift and do crazy things to your bum. The technology gives you a natural enhancement! You can find this pair on the D.hedral site for 42 Euros.



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