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This is something that everyone wants to know. Retailers, brands and other guys. We all want to know what people want in underwear. Our Reader Survey asked you guys this question. The results were not included in our initial report released Tuesday. We had to manually tabulate the responses. We have more results to deliver soon!

What are the top 5 things guys want in Underwear?

Fabric – this was the top reason 47% of guys mentioned this was their top reason for choosing underwear. This could be they like a certain fabric. Many expressed that they like cotton, modal and other fabric blends. Others want fabric that wick moisture or can be used when active. On the other end of the scale fabric also will rule a pair out. One respondent said he hated 100% cotton pairs. Regardless of what most of you look for fabric that is comfortable and feels great is the main factor you use to rule in or out a pair of undies.

Pouch – This one really surprised me. I was’t expecting this to rank so hight. 27% of you guys want a pouch that fits. You maybe thinking that guys want a bigger pouch. Our readers have a mix many wanted larger pouches that fit them but others hate a ‘floppy’ pouch. Oversized pouches are a big turn off for many guys. We included support in this category since it’s related. Underwear that gives great support is something all guys want. This is one of my biggest criteria that the pouch fit me and also give amazing support.

Color – Its a Wonderful Wold of Color and we want it in our underwear. This one didn’t surprise me at all. Most of our readers love color and want to show it off. In fact 24% of you think it’s a deciding factor into getting underwear. This also include patterns. Which is one of the biggest trends in men’s underwear. Included in color are guys who only want certain colors. We do have readers who only like black, white or another color. I say wear what you love! Color is a personal choice we all make so go with what makes you happy and feel sexy!

Cut – This one is a bit more tricky. Many described this as the way the underwear fits you. Where as a few more described this as different styles. 23.5% of you guys mentioned this as a major factor. Styles such as boxer brief, brief, bikini and such. Did if fit you well or did is loose its shape. Some brands make cuts that are better than others and we have to do some research to what fits us best! Some like briefs with wider leg openings while others mentioned the length of boxer brief legs. The way the underwear is made is another big factor! More mentioned the way the underwear was made over which style they preferred.

Style – This isn’t the bikini, brief or thong kind of style. This is the fashionable look of the pair. Is it interesting and fun? Around 15% of you specifically mentioned this as a factor. Style could be guys who love a classic cut or want something cutting edge. Fashion plays a big part of this and not many wanted boring underwear. A few guys mentioned they loved innovative underwear designs. Underwear is another way for us to express ourselves and our fashion. I am not a fashion forward guy in everyday wear but love undies that are. You guys want something new, exciting and fashionable!

These are the top 5 criteria you look for in new underwear. I have to say I thought sizing would come in higher. It came in 6th as a criteria. So what are we going to do with this information? The first thing is to redo our reviews to include this going forward. I have been looking for new things to include and these are amazing. We already include sizing but we will in corporate the rest of them coming up soon!

This survey was a lot of fun. As I have mentioned it has been the survey that had the most respondents. I think thats because we asked about what you guys like and don’t like, rather than about the site. You guys love talking undies and sharing with us and I love it. I am definitely going to keep the conversation going. Those who expressed an interest in our Focus Group those emails will be going out next week. It will be more information and how things will move forward.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year We will have another survey next year, who knows we may start doing them 2x a year!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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