2XIST_SS16_Runway_Images-2XIST_SS16_Runway_Images-Look_15_closeup2(X)ist just held their fashion show for showing current and pairs for Spring. They are one of the few brands that puts on a runway show in the wold of men’s underwear! We got a chance to talk to Jason Scarlatti, Creative Director & VP Design for Attribution about the show. He gave us some insight into the shows and 2(X)ist!

Q: 2(X)IST just held their fashion show for Fall (or were you previewing spring). They are one of the few brands that puts on a runway show in the wold of men’s underwear!
A: Our annual fall fashion show previews the upcoming spring collection for underwear, athleisure, swimwear and accessories. This year, in addition to a Spring 2016 preview, 2(X)IST is celebrating our 25th anniversary and the debut of our new women’s collection.

Q: 2(X)IST has been doing runway shows for a while, why are they so important to you guys?
A: The 2(X)IST fashion show is a multifaceted event and is an extremely important part of our year. In addition to providing us with a platform to preview the upcoming season to key press and industry buyers, it also helps us to illustrate the full lifestyle of the 2(X)IST brand. Our evolution over the last 25 years is brought to life through the fashion show, allowing us to tell various stories through editorial, retail, and social media.

Q: How often do you do runway shows for the brand?
A: The 2(X)IST fashion show is held annually each October and is comprised of items currently available in the collection, as well as pieces that are launching in the upcoming spring season.

Q: What product lines did you profile in the show?
A: This year’s fashion show celebrated the evolution of the 2(X)IST brand. Kicking off with a video montage that highlighted the past 25 years, the direction of the show focused on the full lifestyle of the brand (expanding from an underwear destination) and where the brand is headed in the near future. The show featured everything from men’s underwear, swimwear, socks, watches, bags and athleisure, and new for the upcoming season, the introduction of women – his counterpart. The 2(X)IST women’s collection is comprised of loungewear, daywear and underwear.
Q: Putting on a show is a lot of work, what is the hardest thing about producing the show? On the flip side whats the best thing about the show?
A: The hardest thing about producing the show for me is distinguishing an element of surprise. I know the clothes will deliver. I know the models will deliver. Our production team and PR team are the very best. So I’m always confident in the show, and I know the show will run. But I always want that moment where people say “WOW”…. and that’s what I think makes our brand and our show different.

The BEST thing about the show are always the people — from backstage to the models to the crowd. Hands down you can always feel the energy in the room and its electrifying! I thrive on the entire event. The stressful parts and the glorious parts.

Q: A show is not planned over night. How far ahead do you plan the show?
A: We have a 6-month calendar set up to produce the show, but I’m laughing inside because usually the day after we are thinking how to top it the next year!

Q: Models are a key part of the show, what does 2(X)ist look for in a model for the runway show?
A: Our models reflect our core company values — the 2(X)IST DNA. They’re all gentleman and sophisticated women who like to have fun and own a room when they enter it. They are approachable and energetic. They care about the way they look. They take good care of themselves and others. They are confident and proud of where they are – and hungry for where they will go. These are all core attributes of our brand that speak to us in every aspect of design, casting and marketing.

Q: Would you ever have a celebrity model in the show?
A: We definitely would – but our focus has been our product, so the timing hasn’t happened for us yet.

Q: Speaking of celebrities, do you get many to attend the show? What do they have to say about the show afterwards?
A: The attendee’s to our show’s over the years have been a wide variety of buyers and press that span different aspects of lifestyle media. At times we’ve sprinkled in celebrities, as well as stylists, bloggers, and influencers. The buzz is always electric and that’s something we thrive off of.

Q: This up coming year is the 25th year of 2(X)ist, can we expect big things from the next runway show?
A: You can expect new and exciting extensions from all the runway shows we do. Our passion is to consistently evolve with and for our customer. To round out his — and now her lifestyle with fashion forward solutions.

Find all the underwear, swimwear and activewear that has already been released on the 2(X)ist website.



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