Beau Briefs recommendation: You’re gonna want to have this one. This pair furnished By N2N Bodywear for review

Rating: 9/10

Daily Fit: 8.5/10

Sizing: 9/10

Construction: 9/10

Styling: 9.5/10

Daily Performance: …less used for daily more used for momentarily.

Pros: Sexy as hell, accentuates certain areas, pretty comfortable for a time, did I mention sexy?

Cons: Not sure on full day use for fabric, you better be ready to have that bulge bulging…

Okay, I had been wanting to try the N2N Liquid line ever since I first say a photo of it. And I was not disappointed. The label itself will identify as an erotic pair. The moment that it is on it is not hard to see why…even if not hard…get it? 😉

The Liquid Silver pair will easily slide up your legs and hug your hips, in the best possible way. Even just putting the pair on itself is a fairly sensual experience. Seeing the snug fit of the crotch and silver licking of the cheeks. It would be very difficult (avoided using the word hard again) to not feel much sexier just after slipping into it.

Now, as I mentioned, I do not know if this pair would be the best all day pair. Because the lining and the outside fabrics act very differently. The inside lining is comfortable and smooth. The outside is meant to have that shiny, sultry look and can be a bit stiff with how it interacts with the lining and movement. However, the two both do their jobs exactly as they are supposed to. The outside fabric without the inner would be super uncomfortable. The inside without the outside would just be a very basic black brief. Together…wow.


The visual of the pair when being worn is 100% what N2N was going for. I don’t care if you’re a shower. if you’re a grower, or if there just isn’t much up front, this pair will make everything WOW worthy.

The fit is great, it’ll hug you because that’s exactly what it should do. When it comes to a pair like this you don’t want it to be loose or baggy in anyway. If you’ve got a bit of a booty it might reign it in a bit but the look of lining caressing your cheek is well worth a bit of flattening.

Well, after trying this pair on and writing this review I am just a bit hot and bothered. In other words, the N2N Liquid Silver is a fully effective, sexy as HELL, line of undies and a must have.


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