Thongs 101: Where to Buy?We’ve covered styles, tips for buying, and fabrics to look for with a thong. Now that you have some guidence of what to look for in a thong, it’s time to go shopping. Where to shop you ask? Most of us only have one option for this which is the Internet. Guess there is still some mail ordering available, but by now they have their own websites too. If you are lucky you could have a men’s underwear store within driving distance.

If you are close enough to a men’s underwear store then that would be the ideal place to shop for a thong. Being able to physically see the thong will help you with the decision. You can feel how soft the fabric is, compare thongs to each other, see the width and thickness of the tail. Another bonus is you’ll have a salesperson that knows underwear if you have any questions.

With online shopping it is going to be more researching. You’ll read product description, fabric content, and product reviews on retailers’ websites. Then you also should look for third party reviews to gather more information. Look for what they say about fit, comfort, fabric softness. See if they barely notice they’re wearing a thong when wearing the pair. Use all the information you can gather to help make the decision. You can always reach out to us at UNB if you have any general questions or one about a particular thong. We’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction.

To get the most exposure to a variety of thongs it’s best to look at retailer websites over just a brand’s website. Once you find a brand of interest you can always go check out the brand’s website. Here’s some online retailers you can check out that have a variety of brands of thongs.

From the UK, there is They carry about a dozen brands who have thongs. is a US retailer. They carry about a dozen brands with thongs.

Another US retailer is International Jock. They have a selection of 20 brands that have thongs.

DUGG is an Australian based retailer who carries 10 brands of thongs.

Here’s a more extensive list of underwear online retailers.

Check out the map we have of places to buy in person.


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  1. Always check sizing charts as well as online reviews for alerts like “runs small” or “runs large.” My size in boxer briefs isn’t always the same as my size for a particular thong.

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