I have been sick for the better part of a week. Luckily it’s just a sinus infection, but still, this time of year sucks to be sick. Hence the lack of posts on the blog; it’s not because I don’t want to; I have been in bed as much as I can. This post came to me this morning, and I thought I would share my thoughts about Classic Versus Fashion jocks. This is more of a 101 type of post and I will cover the Classic Jocks this week and Fashion next week.

Classic Jocks

Classic jocks have been around for over 100 years. Their designs haven’t changed much in that time. There are two types of classic jocks, the swimmer and regular (well lack of better word). The regular has a 3 inch waist band a sort of nylon mesh pouch and 1 inch leg staps. It should fit snug and hold everything in place. The swimmer was made for wearing under a swim brief and has a 1 inch waisband and slightly smaller leg straps. I am not really mentioning cup jocks here today just as an FYI

These jocks were created to help prevent injury in sports. However, they did make their way into the leather fetish world (and gay men) because of their design. Jocks are a super fun design, I remember wearing my first one and thought “This is hot” and I must have more!

Over the lasat 20 years the classic jock has decreased in popularity. Bike stopped making the classic #10 jock before returning in the last few years. I have seen more and more guys start posting more content on social with the classic jock. Also, brands like Jack Adams, Male Power and Timoteo are making classic jocks in the classic white and new colors.


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