Xtremen is known for its sexy designs and super fun styles. The brand initially started out as all boxer briefs but has morphed into a brand not afraid to bring the sexy to men’s underwear. This new collection builds on previous collections. It is full of jocks, thongs, and bikinis in various fabrics and colors. While they still have boxer briefs, it’s no longer the focus of this brand.

Part one of the 2023 Collection is out now. It’s a small drop, but we will see the rest of the pairs in January. But here is a preview of some of the pairs yet to come. One I am super excited about is the pouch bikini they have coming. It looks amazing. I was so disappointed when I searched for it, and it’s not out yet. UGH, but it will be out soon.

In the mean time to check out the new Xtremen collection at the UNB Store


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