To me, swimming laps and laying out on a beach are two separate things. Laying out and hanging at the beach, I want a pair of swimwear that’s comfortable, colorful, and just fun. While for swimming laps, I want a pair of swimwear that is functional and durable.

I’m about to return to swimming again and have been looking for swimwear perfect for the gym. The classic Speedo is top of my list. These swim briefs are tight and worn in a chlorinated pool several times. Plus, more guys also look great in the classic Speedo cut. I’m not talking about the Solar brand, but the 3-inch side swim briefs.

Speedo has upped its game in the design department. They have always had some funky prints, but now they are using bold and fun color block prints. They even did a Pride line as well! I love their swimsuits and have since I tried my first one on when I was 14.

Other brands that I love are TYR, Nike, and Arena. Each of these is a brand you have seen on college and Olympic Swimmers. I rarely wear something from many of the brands we cover here to wear for laps. They make me feel less of a swim jock (well, I’m not a jock in any way, shape or form, but I feel like one when I wear these to the pool).

Briefs Vs. Jammers
On the beach, I’m 100% for the swim Briefs; however, I am torn between the Briefs vs. Jammers in swimming. Jammers are the bike short-looking swimwear that most Olympic swimmers wear now. You can wear swim briefs under a jammer, but that’s too much for me to wear swimming.

Jammers are fun; more guys would wear them over a brief swim. When I start back, I will be wearing the Jammers. I feel I’m a little too big to just jump in the pool in just a Speedo.


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