I was browsing my Instagram feed and saw a video of guys ripping off their shorts to reveal swim briefs. Initially, I thought it was a new brand coming on the market doing something fun to gain attention. However, I was wrong. It’s the brand Chubbies. You may know them from their shorts and swimwear. Everyone I know who has tried them loves the shorts and swim.

I was a little taken aback that Chubbies were making swim briefs. They are a more “mainstream” brand with a broad audience and physical stores. That means they will be exposing any more guys to swim briefs. Yes, some of these guys will get these as a joke. I can see many drunken pool parties where bros rip their shorts off after a few drinks, but I would like to think that some of these guys will try them and go, “damn, these are comfy; I need more of these.”

There are just two styles the Electric Cowboy (the one pictured at the top) and the Wedding Crasher. It appears the briefs and shorts come together as one. But it’s not clear in the writing that the briefs are included. The briefs appear in product pictures so you would assume that. As for sizing, Ryan from the podcast brought up a good point, what if you wanted a Large short but a medium brief? There is no way to mix and match sizes.

I haven’t tried Chubbies, in my swim shorts search last year it was out of my price point for swimwear. When I asked for recommendations I received more replies featuring Chubbies. This combo is $85 for either style.


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