*** Update 3/24/23 – If you are going to send us an email about your disagreement with this commercial, send it to Bristol Myers Squibb through their website or at 1-800-332-2056, these emails will be deleted and unread.***

I watched TV one night this week and was working on the podcast, and a drug commercial came on. The first thing I noticed was the name; I was like, HOW do you pronounce this? But then on comes this beefy guy in a red swim brief. I perked up a bit, unsure whether it was swim briefs or underwear. As the commercial went on, it showed the dad in a tropical shirt embarrassing his daughter at the pool on vacation. The drug is called Sotyktu from Bristol Myers Squibb.

I didn’t know how to react a first. I was waiting to see that he was the butt of some joke. However, they never made fun of him for wearing the swim brief, but he wanted to embarrass his daughter. The dad is hot in the swim brief and looks great throughout the commercial. So I give them credit for getting a “real guy ” in the commercial. He doesn’t have a six-pack, and he’s not super buff, but more of a “dad bod” You can watch the video below.

I’m curious about what you guys think of the commercial. I’m still on the fence. I mean, it’s great to have a reg guy in a national commercial in a bright red swim brief. But is this good or bad from your perspective? I can only imagine the general population will react to this commercial.

Undies Cub take

I just watched this commercial on TV last night, and when it came on, I went back and rewatched because I was so surprised. My initial reaction was, ‘why is a medication commercial teasing men for wearing swim briefs.’ But then realized, ‘Oh, they are celebrating them?’ 

I know the product being advertised is a skin medication, and it seems showing off confidence in ones skin is the goal. What it is just so unusual in this country to see a straight man confident in skimpier swimwear, especially one who doesn’t have a 6 pack. It is actually shocking they went in this direction, but boy am I so happy they did.

In rewatching, I noticed the women in the commercial are way more covered up at the pool, non showing swim bottoms, but this handsome dad proudly walks around in just a speedo and shirt. He shows the exact confidence I feel when I’m wearing that same outfit, so I’m glad this snuck into a mainstream commercial. 

I am glad normalizing body positivity and men in speedos was a topic in such a small space, I hope it is a trend that takes off. Other’s seem to be noticing and agreeing as well!


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