My first weakness is bikini briefs, and my second weakness is singlets! N2N Bodywear puts out more singles than any other company out there. I would be broke in about two months if I bought every singlet they put out. But I’m glad they are making them because it shows you guys love them as well! They are just fun and feel like a spandex hug.

This singlet is interesting not because it’s an N2N Bodywear singlet but because College wrestler Spencer Lee inspired it. I had to Google him, and he’s quite an accomplished collegiate wrestler. I don’t know this story, but I will get it for you guys.

As you can see, the Spencer singlet is more of a competitive style design. It has longer legs and a higher cut on the chest. I love these because one of the first singlets I ever bought was exactly like this! I would suggest that if you are a singlet fan, you have one of these in your collection. You can wear it to the gym (if your gym lets you) or throw a sweatshirt over it in the winter.

Check out this singlet at N2N bodywear.


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