Did you guys see the Tom Brady Selfie for his underwear brand this past week? (BTW, I made the title to be taken one of two ways.). This broke the internet for sports fans and anyone not on underwear Twitter/social media. All they could talk about was how Tom posted this picture after retiring.

No offense to our awesome straight readers, but this pic was taken for the “bros” who follow him. Just look at where his hand is placed. He’s not showing off the goods or how the undies pouch looks. It screams to me, “no, homo.” Which I’m sure is the target market for this brand. No one in the world of underwear has even spoken about this brand.

The perfect example of who this is after is what is currently being offered at his Brady Brand underwear. There are more boxer briefs and just three briefs. Would he create a line of compression gear since he played football for many years? The colors of these are more “classic.”
I have an issue when you have a spokesperson (a sports figure, especially an owner) who won’t post pictures in the underwear. It brings to mind, Tim Tebow. In the 70/80s, many sports stars like Jim Palmer rocked bikinis. If I were Tom, I’d invite my friends (like Gronk) to get my undies and share pics.

On the other hand, it’s good to see the mainstream chat about men’s underwear. And not as the butt of a joke, but have a somewhat positive conversation. What are your thoughts on this pic? I’d love to hear from you guys.


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