Do not adjust your blog settings! This is the same UNB that you know, but I decided to mix it up and do something suggested this week on the podcast (HINT, the podcast is about white briefs.) Eric, aka TheJockerRoom, said he does a Tighty Whities Tuesday post, and I figured why not do one, too, but with a twist, pairs that I like.

One of the two white briefs I have worn over the years and enjoyed is the 2(X)IST Essential Fly Brief. The Fly Brief has the look of classic white briefs but the feel and fit of modern undies. I think these are the second “classic” looking briefs I bought. However, I don’t think I have any in my current collection that fit me.

Just like classic briefs, the Fly Briefs come in a three-pack. I was hoping you could buy one by itself, but it doesn’t appear these are available solo. 2(X)ISt does make the Contour Brief in single pairs. I highly recommend these briefs if you are trying to branch out and try some classics. Plus, all guys need to have some classics in their underwear drawer.

Get the 2(X)IST Essential Fly Brief at the 2(X)IST site. And listen to the new podcast on Thursday


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