Today we go over the factors that go into choosing undies! There is a lot in this section, I prob should have broken this into two sections, but here we go.

We asked you guys what your favorite color is. It’s no surprise that blue reigns supreme. I am surprised that black is a close number two. We hear so many guys who want a color that this one threw me off. Rounding out, the top four are Red and white. So we have two primary colors at the top. I was a bit surprised pink wasn’t higher.

This is a slide I first had to redo and then double-check. I first had solids on it twice, and then the prints and stripes were the same amount. I thought it was odd that both are 35%. This will take some further investigation.

This is one of my favorite questions in the entire survey. This changes every year, and it’s more of a “What annoys us this year.” Sizing issues are by far the most annoying thing. Sizing is always in the top 5. Labels/tags are second, Pouch too small is third, and tied for fifth are construction issues and pricing. There are many issues you guys have, but sizing is the biggest this year.

This is always a big question what do you do with undies that you no longer either can wear or want? We can’t all be like Patrick and break the law and throw them away. But it appears I’m wrong! Most of you throw them away, but a few put them into storage or give them to a friend. Very few sell online because it’s a pain, in my opinion.

It is no surprise that most of you think Material is one of the most critical factors in choosing underwear. Nothing worse than bad fabric to rub you the wrong way.

You guys aren’t going out to buy just anything. You have to get the cut that fits you best and makes you feel amazing! Or why wear it?

Similar to above the undies have to fit you have to have a pair that fits you well, In the Pouch, butt, and waist.

Pouch issues are twofold, the first is it’s not big enough, and the second is it’s too big. Either way, it’s not good to have an ill-fitting pouch. I like mine to be tight and hold everything in place, And one that is on either end of that spectrum will annoy the F out of me.

Sizing is a beast we will never tame. To do this, we need a worldwide standard which I don’t think we will ever get. It’s important to pay attention to the sizing chart (but it’s not always right), or ask the underwear community. I may do a sizing survey, have you guys weigh in on all the brands, and keep it open so new guys can update it. HMMM

A thong guy wouldn’t be happy with a boxer brief, and a brief guy may not love a thong. Getting what you love and feel great and sexy in.

I’m surprised color isn’t as important to you guys. To me, it’s one big factor, and there are certain colors that I don’t want as underwear.

Price isn’t a big factor, especially if it’s something you want. But I’m surprised more of you guys didn’t do very important. Now that pairs are topping $40 a pair, I think we will see this change.

I won’t say much about this result because I had a very interesting conversation with someone about this issue and he opened my eyes to a new way of looking at this issue.

What is fashion in men’s underwear? I have had this question but it makes me wonder, I’d love your thoughts on this question.

No one wants poorly made underwear. We have all bought underwear that fell apart after a few wears/washing. I mean, we spend good money on this and want to make sure we get our money’s worth.

You guys, I knew you would answer this one this way. The higher the percentage, the better the sale, well, for the most part. I think 30% or greater is one that really cuts down profits on underwear retailers. I have to put my store owner cap on for this question. I mean, I love a 30% off sale myself, but the margins are so low on men’s underwear. Most of the 30% off sales I have seen have been on retailers who are owned by brands. Remember to support your smaller stores.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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