Where do you guys buy? It’s a great view into what stores you love. I don’t know if we will have any surprises in this section but next up is swimwear!

Shopping brand sites isn’t a surprise. There are several brands, notably N2N Bodywear, that you can only get their gear on their site. Plus a bonus shopping on their site is they carry everything they make and it should all be in stock.

When we say internet underwear stores we are talking International Jock, UNB Store, and the like. Stores online that just focus on underwear. Not bigger stores that sell everything. I think we all have our favorites we check out often and 50% always or shop there often.

This is a slide I wish was higher, but I totally get this one. Not everyone has access to an underwear store in their area. I wish we had more of them around the country. Unless you are in a large city. Keep your fingers crossed we will get more around the country.

This has changed over the years, less guys shop department stores than before. I think this is because what guys who reaad the site and what is offered in department stores are two different things. Guys want the skimpy designs and I feel like department stores did a shift to the general public.

Very smillar to department stores, Close Out stores have really changed what they offer. I was in a Marshalls a few weeks back and it was just about all boxer briefs. Before they used to sell, thongs, jocks, bikinis and really fun stuff. I don’t know why they shifted but I bet it’s due to money. I can remember scoring some major finds at these stores. Now i barely look at it when i go.

Again, why are so many retail stores behind the trends of men’s underwear. The Discount stores, aka Target, and Walmart. We have so many stories on the podcast that guys got their first thongs or pairs at these stores. I hope they bring them back

More of you guys are shopping Amazon, when I first started the survey, Amazon was known for cheap China knock off undies. Now they are selling many different brands including some ones like Kingsly that you guys love.

Now we bring you what factors encourage you guys to shop and buy. It should come as no surprise that sales are reallly important for shopping, I mean great sale does tend to get me buying.

This is what I call the Amazon effect, most people want free shipping along with their orders. This is not just in underwear but in all online shopping.

We all like choice, and the more brands the better. We can shop for our favorite brand without visiting several sites. If we find a good store with great service you can shop there often. This I think is one of my favortie slides because we all want vareity.

The number of new styles and lines is one of my personal favorites. I mean you don’t want to shop a site that doesnt’ have the newest undies line. We all want something fun and sexy to wear. Plus we want that line that none of our friends have as well.

I know we have guys who read UNB who are either new or on a budget. Clearance sales are a great way to try brands you couldn’t try at full price. There is no shame in being a clearance shopper. It’s always good to score a deal. But you guys love a clearnace sale.

Next up will be the swimear.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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