I know I’m known as one of the thong guys on UNB. When it comes to underwear, there are really three main styles I wear: thongs, jockstraps and briefs. I never know day to day which style I am going to be in the mood for, so I like to have a wide assortment of all kinds. That’s why even as a verified thong lover, I was happy to order a new pair of briefs from a brand I adore: AussieBum. It’s been a long time since I wore one of their classic original styles. The light pink classic original briefs were one of the first pairs of underwear I really enjoyed wearing on a daily basis.  At least when I first started realizing how much I truly enjoyed underwear. Needless to say, the pink briefs are no longer with us, so I was happy to order a new pair, this time in purple.

Classic Purple

I often complain there aren’t enough brands making underwear in purple. It’s my favorite color. One that I think I look best in. Sometimes purple is more slimming and sexy than black! And these AussieBum classic original briefs aren’t just any purple. They are a very deep royal purple. Truly the kind of purple you’d want your underwear to be. Just opening the package made me excited to wear them.

Aussiebum purple


I am generally a medium in most brands, so I ordered medium in these briefs. They are a perfect fit for me. Sometimes depending on the style or fabric, AussieBum sizes don’t always run true.  For the most part, they are fairly spot-on. I wore them around on Christmas Eve, so there was actually a lot of movement and travel to get a good feel for them. Throughout the day, everything was kept in place, and the briefs were very comfortable to have on. Anymore, I prefer a pouch that bulges in all the right places.  These briefs are a standard pouch, so you don’t get any lift. That doesn’t really matter when it comes to AussieBum classic original briefs.  They are just comfortable and a good every day pair. They are sexy, too. The cut is low rise and features a flap on the pouch, but it’s not really a functional pouch – it’s more for looks. The briefs also hug around the back. If you like showing off your backside, these will do it very well. A comfortable option without wearing something that’s really going to dig into you while it lifts.

The briefs are ribbed, so if that’s aesthetically pleasing to you. It’s a definite positive because they are a really good rib. If purple isn’t for you, there are many other colors to choose from. All of them are vibrant and strongly dyed, so you are getting a true color. It’s one of the cases where the colors you see online aren’t photoshopped that much. You are ordering what you see.

Purple AussieBum

There are plenty of standard everyday briefs out there, but AussieBum stands above the pack thanks to their color choices, comfortable fabrics and cuts. The classic original briefs are something that should be in your drawer.


  • Comfortable fabric
  • Top-notch color selections
  • Good fit


  • The elastic has a tendency to stretch out in the back after a few wears
  • Hard to find in United States – shipping from Australia can take a while
  • Pouch is not anatomically correct


  • Daily fit – 10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 8
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily performance – 10
  • Overall – 9.2

Find the Classic Original Brief at the aussieBum website for $12.23!

Think about history and all of the events that shaped the world we live in today. Now think about what could have happened had something shifted to reverse the way those events played out. What if the British had defeated the Americans when Americans wanted independence? What if Rue McClanahan had actually played Rose and Betty White played Blanche as Golden Girls producers originally intended? And what if the thong had taken place of the jockstrap?


In the past ten years, jockstraps have quickly found a place in the wardrobe of men all over the world. Jockstraps aren’t just for sports anymore. There are tons of fashion forward jockstraps from brands everywhere that take inspiration from the original white sport jockstrap and run with it. There are jockstraps for every day wear, gym wear, fetish wear. If you have an event, there’s probably a jock for it. But think just for a second what if thongs had become popular instead of jockstraps.


The way you play sports or hit the gym would be inevitably different. Instead of putting on a jockstrap to take the court or gym floor, you’d be putting on a thong. Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Thongs offer just as much, if not more, support than a jockstrap and do a really good job keeping everything in place. They give a good lift and help to make sure everything stays anatomically correct, which if you believe scientific reports, is something important in your daily underwear.

underwear drawer

If thongs had taken off instead of jockstraps, you’d also be saving a lot of space in your underwear drawer. Not that either type of underwear takes up a huge amount of space, but think about it: thongs don’t require that much fabric, where as jockstraps generally have larger pouches and two straps as opposed to the single strap of a thong. Thongs don’t take up much room at all, which save a lot more room for the rest of your clothes.


And finally, if thongs were more popular than jockstraps, a lot of men might feel freer. A jockstrap isn’t necessarily constricting, but there’s something about wearing a thong that makes me feel more liberated, and I’ve heard this from other thongs wearers, too. There’s just something about knowing you have on extremely comfortable and sexy underwear while most guys are going around in briefs or boxer briefs. Thongs have sex appeal, but they are also not very constricting and allow for maximum breathing room.

I’m not saying thongs will ever become more popular than jockstraps as each have their place in the underwear world, but it’s nice to think about what could have happened had thongs taken the place of jockstraps in pop culture and men’s wardrobes.

9806 _2_As underwear lovers and individuals, we all have our favorite styles of underwear. For some of you, your favorite is trunks or boxers. Then there are those who refuse to wear anything other than a brief. And then there are those of you like me who want something skimpy. That’s where jockstraps and thongs enter in the mix. I often go back and forth between jocks and thongs when deciding what I want to wear. If you’d asked me ten years ago, I would have told you jockstraps were my favorite – mainly because I always wanted to be an athlete, but never had the abilities or drive to be one. I suppose I equated jockstraps with dreams left unfulfilled. I always wanted to win Wimbledon, but could never get a serve in, so making the varsity tennis team was always out of the question. But that was ten years ago. While I still enjoy jockstraps and everything they have to offer, thongs are my underwear of choice (I am the Underwear News Briefs thong expert, after all!). For me, it’s hard to beat a low-rise thong with a good lift in the front and comfortable strap in the back.

If you’re like me and have a daily battle within of whether to wear a jockstrap or thong (seriously, it can be a bigger debate than a Presidential one), enter in the best of both worlds: the jock thong. When I learned it existed, it was almost as exciting as finding out I was going to see Olivia Newton-John in concert. Yes, I’m comparing the excitement of a jock thong to Olivia Newton-John. They are both way up there on my list of excitement. When I Google search jock thong, I find there are only a few brands out there making them right now: Andrew Christian, Jack Adams and PPU. Each brand has its own style, so it’s really up to you what you are looking for.

Jack Adams’ jock thong is sportier in style and reminds me of a C-IN2 jockstrap in design and fashion. However, it still keeps the great Jack Adams lines that will keep brand fundamentalists happy. It functions more like a jockstrap and less like a thong, so it keeps everything in place without a lot of movement. It features a thin strap in the back, which makes the thong likeness very minimal. You will probably not even notice it’s there. It is the perfect starter jock thong.

PPU’s jock thong is a little more erotic in design. It features cutouts in the front and reveals more skin than other jock thongs. It also has a fuller thong strap in the back, giving a full thong effect. The pouch is halfway between a jock and thong in size, which gives this jock thong less of a place in the gym and more of a place on a date night or special occasion.

Andrew Christian certainly has the largest quantity of jock thongs, as there are rotating styles, colors and designs. These jock thongs are bright colors and coordinate with lines like Blow! and Almost Naked. The jock thongs vary in design from great gym wear to great date-night wear. I have the biggest variety of jock thongs from Andrew Christian and find them all to be super comfortable. The fabrics are soft, and the thong and jock straps are both perfect, truly giving you the best of both worlds.

What’s to love about a jock thong other than just the general answer of everything? It combines the two popular types of underwear into one and gives the best of both worlds. You get the jock straps around your butt that helps to lift and give the great athletic feel most of us want when we wear them. Then you get the thong strap that reminds you that you’re wearing a thong, which for me, makes me feel sexy. Something about a thong gives me more confidence. Then you get the combination pouch that is almost halfway between a thong and a jockstrap. It gives just the right amount of lift without hoisting everything up to your bellybutton or squishing everything beyond recognition. You also get the jockstrap waistband, which is good because if you are somewhere you don’t necessarily want everyone to know you’re wearing a thong and your pants slip down a little, you have the waistband protection to not give yourself away.

I’ve always found something inherently sexy about jockstraps and thongs, and I’ve never thought enough men were willing to make the leap into thonghood. You know – stereotypes about thongs being too feminine, uncomfortable, etc. But maybe with the addition of the jock thong, more guys will be willing to give thongs a try. I know if I was already a fan of jockstraps and hadn’t tried a thong, I’d want to mix it up a little with something different, so it’s great to have something not the norm to give a chance to.

UNDERWEAR 101Thong: it can be a scary word for many men. There are a lot of stigmas associated with men wearing thongs. I’m sure you’ve heard them. I’ve read and heard dozens of times how only gay or feminine men wear thongs. Real men only choose between boxers and briefs. Luckily we live in a world where underwear is a personal choice. Isn’t anyone’s business unless you make it his or her business. Therefore, it’s time to drop the stereotypes and wear what you want to wear. If you’ve always been interested wearing thongs. Hopefully the next few paragraphs will help you get over your fears and finally make the jump into the wonderful world of thongs. I’m glad I made the jump many years ago, and I haven’t looked back since.

I first started wearing thongs when I was in high school. I vividly remember buying my first thongs and being scared to go to the cash register and check out. “What will the cashier think?” kept running through my mind, and “What if I know the cashier?” Keep in mind this is small town Oklahoma we are talking about here. So its not exactly the most open minded of people in the world. Oklahoma is always a red state, after all. Regardless, I used to go to a discount store quite frequently for CDs.  Every now and then they got in good clothes shipments. One shipment was clothing from International Male. You can imagine how excited that made me. Another shipment was underwear, and some of that underwear included white cotton thongs. I don’t remember what brand they were, or if there even was a brand.  I remember buying five pairs of white cotton thongs for a dollar each. Being very excited to get home and try them. Prior to that, I had no experience with thongs. Now, I can’t say I had the greatest first experience with thongs. I was a little overweight at the time and selected a size that probably was not correct. The thongs were not the most comfortable. The string in the back caused chafing and the underwear became way too uncomfortable to wear. It was a few years before I would try thongs again.

Enter in an underwear store that used to be open in downtown Tulsa. I was in college now, and not knowing very many people in Tulsa.  I felt much more free to stop in at the store and shop whenever I wanted on my way to and from Arkansas.  Where I went to college. Again, not exactly the most liberal of places.  It still allowed me to feel freer, and that’s what it’s all about, right? Anyway, I would stop in at this store in Tulsa and the guys that owned it would help me pick out new underwear. They had all kinds of brands I had yet to hear of: Go Softwear, Jocko and many more. It was at that store that I was convinced to wear thongs again and where my love truly developed and took off. The owners helped me find thongs that were comfortable and made me truly enjoy wearing them. Ever since then, I’ve experimented with different brands, fabrics, colors and designs. Now I’m sharing my knowledge with you.

If you’re ready to start wearing thongs, here are some great pairs you should start with to get a feel for them:

One of the most basic and best thongs to get started with is the Calvin Klein Body Thong. It comes in white or black and is made of the same great cotton as Calvin Klein’s other Body underwear. If you are a fan of Calvin Klein hip briefs, this is a great starter thong for you. It fits like a pair of briefs with the same waistband and pouch. The only difference is the strap up the back. The pouch can loosen up a little bit during wear through the day. But the strap will never cause discomfort during wear. It’s a perfect pair to really get used to wearing a thong.  What it feels like because there’s very little discomfort involved, even for first-time wearers.

If you’re looking to start with something more standard in the thong world. You can’t go wrong with the Classic Cotton G-String from N2N Bodywear. The thongs come in a variety of great colors.  They are made of super soft cotton for ultimate comfort in the front and back. The pouch in the front is more form fitting than the Calvin Klein Body Thongs. Everything fits a little closer to the body. You will be able to feel the strap more in the back with these. Once you are used to it, you won’t even know you are wearing them. These thongs feel and fit more like bikini briefs. If you are used to those, this is a fantastic pair of underwear to make your first thong.

If you’re someone who likes your underwear to be truly versatile from work to gym and bed.  You can’t go wrong starting with the Jack Adams Sprinter 1.0 Thong. This is a thong that is truly designed with the busy man in mind. The front pouch fits just right. Fits like a pair of briefs while the back had just the right amount of tension to make you know you are wearing a thong.  Without a constant reminder you have it on. Jack Adams truly knows what they are doing when it comes to men’s underwear. The Sprinter 1.0 Thong is perfect for the novice and professional thong wearer. It’s something every man should have in his underwear drawer.

Finally, if you’re a man who enjoys his underwear to feature an anatomical pouch. You’re ready to make the move to thongs, the Cocksox CX05 thong is exactly the thong to start with. Cocksox has long been a leader in anatomically correct underwear for men. Their thongs are no exception. The pouch is more boosting to really show off what you have.  They help everything to sit more naturally without getting squished. The pouch is the perfect size for anyone, so you don’t need to worry about that. As with other thongs for beginners. The tension in the back is perfect to help you know what wearing a thong feels like. Without making you wish like you’d never given thongs a chance. Cocksox fabrics also keep you cool during the day and during workouts. They are a great versatile choice for wherever your day takes you.

When you’re shopping for a thong, there are some things you need to look for:

  • What kind of waistband are you comfortable with? Are you looking for something with more of a standard brief-type waistband or are you looking for something more string-like?
  • What kind of pouch are you looking for? Do you want something that’s going to be more like normal underwear or do you want something that’s going to be more freeing and anatomical?
  • Make sure you are checking size ranges closely. Sometimes thongs can fit differently than other pairs of underwear, even if you’re looking at a brand you are familiar with.
  • Also be sure to check out the size of the strap in the back. Some thongs have thicker straps, while some are a thin string. Figure out what you’re comfortable with before you start mixing it up. It helps to get used to one design first before changing to a different.

These are strictly a few tips for thong beginners because everyone needs a place to start. Of course thongs, just like any kind of underwear, aren’t perfect for every occasion, but thongs sure are amazing once you get used to them. If you’ve always wondered about them, but never tried, there’s no time like the present. So take the leap and test them out. Trying a thong is the best decision I ever made.


Choosing a favorite pair of underwear is probably as hard as choosing my favorite Kylie Minogue song – there are way too many to choose from, and I’d probably be more successful at choosing the next Presidential candidate with a came of Duck, Duck, Goose. Alas, I must choose, so here we go.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am Josh, or UNB Josh as you might come to know me on Underwear News Calvin Klein tech thongBriefs. I’ve always had a love of underwear – at least as far back as I can remember, so it only seemed necessary to search out a place to share my love and actually put good use to my knowledge of it. That’s how I found the blog, reached out to it, and am now writing for it. If only everything in life could be so simple. I’ve been collecting underwear since I could drive and buy things for myself and currently have two dresser drawers full of underwear and am about to spill over to the third. My drawers are full of briefs, jockstraps, trunks, singlets, swimwear and thongs. All have their place in my wardrobe, but if I really had to choose one style I could only wear for the rest of my life, I’d go with a thong.

So that brings us back to my favorite pair of underwear. I know it’s going to be a thong, but which one? I used to consider one thong (a Calvin Klein tech thong) my lucky pair because anytime I wore it, it seemed like good things would happen. I used to wear it to job interviews, on dates and on test days in college, and it seemed like every time I had it on, I would get the job, get the date to second base (at least) or ace the test. However, just because it’s lucky doesn’t mean it’s my favorite, and sadly, it’s no longer available, so I couldn’t even tell you where to buy it.

So, we’re back to square one – or two, since we know a thong is going to be my favorite pair. I went to my underwear drawer and pulled everything out to get a better look, eliminate and decide. I came down to two for my favorite pair. The first is for everyday wear: the C-IN2 Core Y-Back thong. I’ve always really liked C-IN2’s underwear design. They make comfortable underwear perfect for any occasion, they have many great styles and prints, and they understand a man’s body and what parts should be accentuated. I’ve always been a fan of Y-back thongs because they offer something a little different style wise from a normal thong to make my underwear drawer more unique. I’ve tried different brands of Y-back thongs, but for sheer comfort and everyday wear, you can’t do much better than the C-IN2 Core Y-back thong. I bought my first one in white at an underwear store in Dallas and have since bought many more from C-IN2’s brand website.  I love these thongs because they are 100% cotton and can easily go from work to the gym and anywhere else you need to go. They are available in white, grey and black, so they will compliment anything you need to wear, and they run true to size. I’m a medium generally, and wear medium in the Y-Back Core Thong. They fit perfectly. Plus, if you aren’t ready to commit to thongs full time, these are a great pair to get you started with thongs to see if you like them.

BLOW Jock Thong

I told you I wasn’t able to completely limit myself to one pair, so my other favorite pair is the Blow Jock Thong with from Andrew Christian. As an underwear connoisseur, I have more pairs of Andrew Christian underwear than I care to admit (with more on the way), and I love many styles the brand offers, but after years of wearing Andrew Christian underwear, my favorite style has become the Jock Thong. It offers everything you want from a jockstrap and everything you want from a thong into one incredible pair of underwear. I have several in my drawer and wear them frequently. Out of all I’ve bought, my favorite is the BLOW! Jock Thong with Show-It Tech.

I really love everything about this pair of underwear. The pouch is made out of super soft cotton and has a lifting pouch to bring everything to the front. It’s not a really invasive lifting pouch, either, so it doesn’t become uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. The colors of blue and green are complimentary to each other and are colors you don’t often see in underwear – especially at the brightness brought with these. The band is silver and has a little sparkle to it, you know, just for that extra boost, and the jock straps in the back provide a great lift, too. The thong part itself is very comfortable, just as the pouch, and does not become uncomfortable in the least as the day goes on. In fact, I wore this pair while walking around Stockholm, Sweden for an entire day, and it was comfortable from morning to night.

There are many variations in the BLOW! line from Andrew Christian, which are available on the brand website. You really can’t go wrong with anything you choose, as I love pretty much everything from the BLOW! suite of options. But if you are looking for something new and different, go with the Jock Thong. There aren’t a lot of companies making Jock Thongs right now, so try something new and add to your wardrobe.