Brief Talk: Dietz - Underweardude & The Bottom DrawerHi guys, The Bottom Drawer and Underweardude here to do a little discussion on the brand Dietz. Both of us have discovered the brand in the last couple of years and find them to be a good choice. Let’s get down to the questions.

How did you come across the brand Dietz and what grabbed your attention to try them?

The Bottom Drawer: I came across the Dietz brand on Tumblr. I stumbled upon some photos taken by who is now called 68pence on there. I liked that his photos were taken in places like around the house instead of just studio shots. That to me allows me to relate more to the situation and picture myself in the undies. In the end the cut matters along with design, which Dietz fit into my kind of style.

Underweardude: I came across the brand through you (The Bottom Drawer), seeing you on twitter espousing how much you liked them. Since we both share a common interest in skimpier pairs, I decided to check them out. I was drawn to the brand by the predominance of skimpier cuts.

What do you think makes Dietz different from other brands?

Underweardude: I think Dietz’s styling is what sets them apart. They kind of remind me of N2N in a sense, as their pairs usually have a simple but sophisticated look about them. They just ooze sex appeal. I also find it interesting that it is hard to tell their underwear from the swimwear, as you can probably use some as both, I gather. Basically, their choice of cuts and style fits right up my alley.

The Bottom Drawer: I like how you put it “simple but sophisticated look.” It is the subtle color accenting they add into their styles that I think gives their underwear some character and a bit of pop. Be it with the piping, waistband, logo, and/or stitching on their underwear or swimwear.

Favorite pair so far and why?

The Bottom Drawer: The Joker brief of theirs is my favorite so far. It’s a nice snug fitting bikini cut. I also like that the pouch is two toned color with black and yellow and a solid yellow back.

Underweardude: My favorite pair is my only pair by them of yet, the Ocean Brief.

Is there a pair you are wanting to try and why?

Underweardude: I am curious to try one of the brands thongs, As of course more of their bikinis. The choice as of today would likely be from the Firenze or Firenze Sec lines.

The Bottom Drawer: The Firenze lines are the ones I’ve been eyeing too. I really wanted one of the bikinis, but I saw they added a thong cut to the Firenze Sec collection. So now the thong tops the list. Though probably get one of each when the time is right. I think the fabric looks super soft and again the slight color addition at the top of the waist and the logo makes them stand out to me.

Anything you would like to see more of from Dietz?

The Bottom Drawer: Main thing I’d like to see is more thong cuts like the Firenze Sec ones they introduced recently and also skimpier cut bikini style swim briefs. More color options in the styles they already offer would be good too.

Underweardude: I guess all I really want to see more from Dietz is more interesting stuff. Would be really fun to see them keep working on their own style.

That wraps up our talk on Dietz. If you have any question or feedback on Dietz, just comment below.

NOTE: Their site is being redesigned. The link is


We wanted to give you some great undies you may not know about for this months Underwear of the Month. The brand we choose this week is Dietz. This brand has been taking off big on the net. I have seen their pics on Facebook and all over Tumblr.

Dietz believes “Our designs are for contemporary men who are self-confident, think out of the box, and take care of themselves.” Dietz has brought their European styling to South America. This is something that definitely shows in their underwear. The fits are more body conscious and form fitting. This styling also extends to bright and fun colors.

Reasons this pair is our Underwear of the Weeek

  • Great design that is form fitting
  • Non-elastic waistband that reduces appearance of love handles
  • 85% Nylon 15% Elastane material
  • Bright red color
  • Retails for $19

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