I was really excited to review the PPU 1319 Boxers I got as soon as I got them in the mail. I’m not usually one for mesh, but I was excited to try them out and see what I thought. When I signed on to write for UNB, I told myself that I would try new things, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity. I wasn’t disappointed. I’m usually not thrilled by white, but the sexy style intrigued me right away. I haven’t tried any other PPU styles before, but had heard really good things. This style is also available in black with a black waistband.

My day for this review was a little more active than usual. I started with an hour bus ride to work, a full day of work, an hour bus ride home, a bunch of errands all around town and an evening run. I think the fact that they held up so well for this active of day then they would hold up normally. I don’t think these would work well for a lounging around day, mostly because there is so little to them.

I got a size medium, which is generally a size up than I normally take, but it ended up working out great for me. PPU says that this size is for people with waists between 32 and 24 inches. The pair are true to size and the sizing is based on American standards.

Overall, I really liked the feel of this pair. It felt like I was wearing nothing, but not in an uncomfortable, I’m-going-commando-right-now way. They were so soft, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what I was expecting. I’d say the look was average. I really like the portions that are mesh, but don’t really like the parts that are “solid.” If it was up to me, I would have changed the solid portions so that they were actually solid and didn’t have such weird patterns. I thought they were cheesy.

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So the verdict is in. I made it through my first mesh review pair, I am alive and I’m actually happy with what I ended up with. If you are afraid of trying something that might be a sexier than you would usually go for, DO IT. You might (and probably will be) pleasantly surprised. To sum up:


  • The fit was fabulous. Keep in mind that I got a size larger than I normally take, but I think if you stick with your regular size you should be good.
  • Though the look is “sexy,” the material is super soft, and comfortable for your average day at work.
  • I love the red trim and waistband against the white. Looks great!


  • The pattern on the solid parts of the pair isn’t the best

And here are my ratings:

  • Daily Fit — 8
  • Sizing — 8
  • Construction/Materials — 10
  • Styling — 7
  • Daily Performance — 9
  • Overall — 8.4

This pair was furnished for review by PPU.


The most recent pair I received for review was the PPÜ 1310 Brief, which is described as their “Men’s Low Rise Classic Brief with Contrasting Waistband and Trim.” It comes in three color options to the masses, but the review pair I received were the royal blue briefs with white trim. Upon hearing which brief I would be reviewing and getting them in my hands for the first time I was excited about trying them. I have recently dropped a bunch of weight and really have been fitting well into all of my smaller undies so I didn’t think I’d have any issues. My first impressions were that this is a traditional brief in terms of cut and design but the fact that it is 82.5% Nylon and 17.5% spandex gives it a modern look and feel.

I’ve only gotten one other pair of PPÜ undies before, from a fan who sent me their crazy jockstrap/brief which they call a “Modern Brief” and it fit fairly well, so I was a bit disappointed when I slipped these on. It wasn’t that the waist on these XLs (34-36) was too tight, but I think the problem stemmed from the brief’s construction. The rather large amount of spandex in this brief really provides an overall constrictive fit, and with my body shape, that’s not always the best marriage. I am athletically built and have always had quite the butt on me, and with all underwear, the roundness of my backside puts all of my underwear to the test, and these briefs couldn’t really handle my bubble butt like I was hoping they would. The stretch my butt was producing naturally pulled the already small pouch closer to my body, so I felt really cramped up front and since I am fairly well-endowed had to situate myself just right to get a comfortable fit. I only wore them a couple hours before I gave up, but I blame that entirely on the brief and me just not matching up.

Overall the construction is very well done, the brief is mostly nylon which in this brief is fairly breathable making them a good choice for summer wear. All of the contrasting trim-the waistband, the pouch frame and the leg openings feature really strong spandex, which provides a close fit. I think on an average to skinny sized male, these briefs would be an excellent choice to wear this summer. As I said, the pair I reviewed was royal blue with white piping, but the two other color options are summer ready. The first is coral with grey trim, and the other option is a mint blue with royal blue trim, I think both look really good.

These briefs certainly run small in comparison with other offerings from PPÜ and some other brands that are known to run small, so make sure you size up. I wish they had given me a better fit, but as I said if you are a smaller guy, or even someone with a medium build and maybe not packing too much up front, these would be an ideal summer brief. You can find these briefs at a variety of online retailers and they retail for $21.

If you have any questions about the PPÜ Brief #1310 you can get a hold me by sending me a message on Twitter, @UNBBrandon 


  • Breathable for summer wear
  • Stylish
  • Supportive Fit


  • Run small
  • Small Pouch


  • Daily Fit – B
  • Sizing – C
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance – B*
  • Overall – B

*with the right fit, these would hold up over the day fairly well

PPU Furnished this pair for review.