Have you wanted to try some of the amazing MwearNYC? But couldn’t find their online store, well your wait is over! Starting TODAY, the M-Wear site is up and open for business. You heard me right! One pair that I have from them is the Pride thong. Which is one of the best thongs I have ever worn!

A great thing about MwearNYC is they make underwear for all guys. That means all shapes, sizes, and colors. Plus the amazing eye for color and design of Matthew the incredible owner and designer. Make sure you head over to the M-Wear site to get some awesome undies!

I hope to have Mwear on a podcast soon as well!

BTW – the PRIDE Jockstrap is 50% OFF for the month of June (6/1-6/30) to celebrate Pride month.

This coming weekend in the states marks the official start of swim season.  Memorial Day is time to head to the nearest beach, pool or lake for some fun in the sun. We bring our challenge back every year. This year we are kicking off the Swim Brief & Thong challenge. One of these years it won’t be something we will have to promote, well that is my goal.

There are two different challenges, the first is the Swim Brief Challenge. This is our 4th year, I think, challenging guys to wear the classic swim brief or bikini. When we started this challenge the brief was one of those pairs that very few guys have worn. Over the last few years more guys are starting to wear them. I would like to think we were a little bit responsible for some of you out there wearing them.

Next is the Swim Thong challenge. This one took me a little by surprise. I was not expecting guys to totally skip the swim brief and more directly to the thong. It’s awesome. While not my favorite pair to wear as swimwear, I fully support those who want to rock a thong on the beach, a pool or lake. I say you do you and wear what ever the hell you are comfortable in, where ever you are.

You don’t have to be gay to take part in either challenge. You can be gay, straight or bi. We welcome all to UNB and want all guys to wear their style of swimwear. An article of clothing does not define your sexuality. If someone sees you in either style and say GAY. They just aren’t man enough to wear them. They lack the confidence you have! So on that note “Fuck ’em!” We are always here to support all underwear lovers EVERYWHERE.

I wrote about a week ago is the jock going away. I think we know it’s not! The jock is evolving and changing in the years since I started UNB. It’s gone from athletics and fetish to Fashion. One more evolution of the jock is lace. You heard me right lace! Men’s lace was a trend but I think it’s here to stay in one way or another. It’s the further mixing of masculine and feminine.
One company that isn’t shy about using lace in its designs is Candyman Fashion. They have used it in many forms over the years. This time they created a jock brief made out of lace. Unlike other pairs of lace the pouch in this pair is solid and around the back is the lace. To me, this pair is really sexy. I know it’s not for everyone, but if you have wanted to try lace, I say do it now!
I love the color as well. It’s not a typical color in men’s underwear. The burgundy has a touch of the feminine side. I will admit I would love to see this in a blue or a red. Something bright that brings attention. Because let’s face it if you’re wearing this pair you want to be noticed. This isn’t one pair you want to hide. You wear it for a specific person or time.
This is more of a jock brief than a jock. The hybrid has really taken over in a lot of fashion and fetish. This pair is all about fashion. Super fun and sexy! I’m sure if you wear this for someone special you will be rewarded by the viewer!  Find it at Candyman Fashion site
COLORS: Burgundy
FABRIC: 85% Polyamide 15% Elastane. Sexy lace fabric
SIZES: Small – X-large
COST: $18.48

We have had a few guys ask us lately about custom made underwear. Specifically custom made thongs.  There are a few brands out there doing this, such as Meyers and Skinzwear.  Many guys want the know is it worth the money and what the experience was like 

First, let me vouch for the quality of Mwear.  Last year I got one of their Pride thongs.  I am not the hugest thong fan and it was hands down one of the best thongs I have ever worn. So I can only imagine how a custom pair will feel. 

I think the first issue guys want to know about is the fit really that good.  For a lot of thong makers, they let you choose every aspect of the pair. The color, pouch, back and more.  If you need more room in the pouch. No problem just order the super-sized pouch. 

Next guys want to know the timeframe for getting the pair sent to them.  Brands all have different time frames. The brands that have standard parts that they just sew together will take a shorter time. Such as you order the bigger pouch in pink leopard print.  Whereas brands like Mwear that either get you to send in sizes or measure you will take longer.  

Lastly, the question many guys have is quality.  Are these pairs really as good as they claim?  Not having purchased one yet. I can’t tell you. But guys who buy them swear by them.  They prefer only custom pairs over off the rack

We are going to get some custom made undies and swimwear and let you know our thoughts.  So stay tuned and let me know what brands we need to get. We love getting recommendations.   Email or leave us a comment as to which brands you love or want us to try. 



The weird and the wonderful

It would appear that there’s a naughtier side to many underwear drawers across the pond. DGU have revealed that some of their shall we say… unconventional and off the wall designs are rapidly becoming even more popular with their UK shoppers. Whether this is about dress up or something a little more fetish, they certainly appear to be having fun.

Body Art Flerio Zipped Body Pant Modus Vivendi Leather Chained Jockstrap Gregg Homme Impulse Top MANstore M306 Dog Band MANstore NOS M101 Kinky Scarf MaleBasics Lingerie Tie Me Up Bodysuit

MaleBasics Lingerie Tie Me Up Bodysuit GBP41.00

This may not be what you first think of when you read “tie me up” but it will certainly make an impression. Combining a deep V-neck crop top with a sexy thong bottom that’s attached by a series of elasticated straps.

MANstore NOS M101 Kinky Scarf

MANstore NOS M101 Kinky Scarf GBP32.00

It may not be a scarf in the conventional sense or have the ability to keep you warm but for some reason we don’t think that’s the point behind this. The “scarf” goes between your legs with a small thong back and up over your head in one strip of thin material.

MANstore M306 Dog Band

MANstore M306 Dog Band GBP29.00

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. This bondage style neck decoration is made from a strip of lacquer effect fabric with three press studs and silvery chain.

Gregg Homme Impulse Top

Gregg Homme Impulse Top GBP157.96

Have you ever wanted to be a gladiator? Battling wild animals and fellow humans to the death in the Coliseum? Well this top can help you make believe. Soft material drapes over both shoulders to form an X shape at the front and back of the torso. Faux leather and silver look buckles complete this fetish style brilliantly.

Modus Vivendi Leather Chained Jockstrap

Modus Vivendi Leather Chained Jockstrap GBP46.00

Break free from the shackles of society and chain yourself up in a much better way. It has metal chains that go around the waist and underneath the bum cheeks holding in place a twin layered leatherette pouch.

Body Art Flerio Zipped Body Pant

Body Art Flerio Zipped Pant Body GBP64.00

This leatherette onesie is given a raunchy feel with see through tulle panels down either side and a metallic zipper running up the centre. It’s a sexy twist to a classic look.

Find these and more at Dead Good Undies.

NOTE: Post contains an affilate sales link. A percentage of sales generated will benefit UNB.