Ok, I’m going to talk about something fun. That is my fetish for Undies! Lately I have noticed that there sure seems to be a lot of underwear ads and pics of guys in undies everywhere. The most recent is the ad for Gay.com

This ad really took me by surprise. The undies around the ankles are pretty hot to me. “More then meets the eye.” I’m not sure this tag line really goes with the pic but hell, I don’t mind. But hey it gets me to stop and look. I wont’ go into advertising principles I’ve learned but, I’ll just enjoy the hot ad!

Another area that has taken me by surprise was Speedo is now making undies.

I couldn’t believe it, and they look pretty cool too. The only problem is the price, again back to the 20 bucks for a brief discussion I’ve had before. But price aside, the undies are cool as sh*t. I looked them over at the Speedo site and how can you go wrong with undies being modeled by Michael Phelps. I’m sorry I think he’s a total stud. Yeah he’s younger then I like them but there is something about him that drives me crazy. HMMMM, Now if they could just get him to model the undies on the site, I’d love it. The ads I have seen are online and show Michael in various sexy looks. Like the one above. WOWSA! Boy is he hot.

Another great ad is from C-IN2, from the guy who brought us 2(x)ist. The kick off ad showed two guys in C-IN2 undies. pants around thier ankles, getting arrested by two hot cops (see pic above). Now, I wouldn’t mind getting arrested by them, they are pretty hot cops. This ad I will say just kinda took me by surprise. Usually for most underwear ads they are just guys standing around in undies by themselves, or more then one but nothing much happening. This ad is pretty cool. I have yet to get an of the C-IN2 undies, but I think they are great looking and 2(x)ist was, hope to get some very soon.

I have noticed that there are fewer and fewer boxers these days. Which to me is a good thing. I hate boxers to wear and they aren’t the least bit sexy. I have noticed a lot more briefs and some bikinis. Some of the new brands that I see a lot of lately are Go softwear, Aussiebum, Baskit, CK, 2xist to name a few. They are all moving towards microfibre and making more form fitting undies. This is a very good thing. The pic I created from pics from the internet show this. A lot of guys are getting better undies. Not the typical tighty whities and boxers. They are getting more microfibre, colors and styles. As many of you know I hate boxer briefs with a passion, they are too loose and provide no support and bunch up. Unless they are like the bike shorts one or made out of microfibre. I love those. I think men’s undies is going high tech. We are getting more comfort and style then ever before. But one thing about the new boxer briefs or trunks as they call them is that they are very designed to be very eye catching and fun. Look at the 2(x)ist ones that are black and white. Those are pretty cool. Also CK is doing some really great stuff with undies. I’ve never been a fan of CK, except for the white briefs, but lately they are getting better at undies, I have a few pairs and they fit incredible. They have started to use many colors and different styles, which is great. Even Jockey is doing some really cool new undies. I think everything is moving towards form fitting comfort and that is great! Take a look at some of the pics from the box covers and off the company web sites

I think there is a turn in underwear makers for men. Underwear is definitely changing. Which is a good thing. The 90s and the first part of 2000s were so boring for underwear. All we had was white, black and grey. How boring is that. If you’re old enough to remember the 80s, then you remember men’s undies were fun. We had colors and patterns and they were great. This was the best time to be wearing bikinis; there were so many brands and styles. Which unfortunately went away by the early 90s. But there seems to be a come back and more colors are coming back. I should have a contest “Show me your sexiest Undies” and win some. HMMMM, but I don’t think I have enough readers to do that yet and I know a lot of you guys wouldn’t send in pics cause you’re my friends and I know you that well!

Has anyone else noticed this about undies lately? Or am I just imagining things? Would love to have some of you post comments and tell me what you think, even if you don’t have a thing for undies, I’m an equal opportunity comment whore, opps, requester!

Have a great day guys.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Fetishes can be a really fasinating subject. Brian and you seemed to have covered it well. I have this huge fetish for leather myself. Not the S&M kind, but more like jackets and boots.

  2. stopped by your site after your comment. Nice post about undies!

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