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We are joined by Tim from WildmanT. Which is a company that has done enhancing underwear for the last few years. Tim talks to us and we hear about how the company came into being, what some of their best sellers are and some plans for the future.  Visit them online at

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Dead Good Undies always has some really great men’s underwear! We love some of the creative and fun undies they always showcase! They have some new ones from Bruno Banani, which as the tag line says is not for everyone! They are for guys who want something fun to wear and maybe even show off a bit! Also, they have Joe Snyder back in stock too. Joe Snyder is a very bod conscious line that is perfect for feeling sexy under your suit or work clothes!

P1500_Pure_Boxer Brief_F_Black

A couple of months ago, the UNB team had the opportunity to talk to some of the executives at Baskit about doing a contest with their underwear and featuring it on our blog. When I found out the contest was going to feature Baskit’s /pure/ collection, I was very excited.

If you aren’t familiar with this unique collection from Baskit, you should be.  They are taking “Green” to a new level… mens undies.  All the undies in the /pure/ collection are made from 100% organic cotton.  If you haven’t felt this fabric, it is some of the softest, 100% cotton fabric I have felt.

I received a pair of the /pure/ Boxer Briefs in the natural white color.  When the shipment came, I could tell they didn’t just put the “green” in the undies, they used a box that is made from 100% recycled cardboard.  I pulled these natural beauties out of the box and slipped them on.  I received a size medium and it fit me very well. The natural white color is more of a cream, so if you are looking for a bright white, make sure you order the “super white” color.  This collection also comes in “basic black”. All cuts also sport a green logo waistband, which is amazingly soft as well.

The boxer briefs fit comfortably. I did notice that the leg openings might have an issue with stretching out in the future, but only time will tell. They didn’t feel as strong as I had hoped.  With that in mind, however, I didn’t have a problem with these undies riding up at all throughout the day.  They stayed in place and didn’t bunch.

Overall, I think it is great that Baskit is doing an eco-friendly collection. I think you will start to see more underwear companies start to work more of the “green” theme into future underwear lines. Baskit is one of my favorite brands and I am glad that we have had the opportunity to review and promote this company on the blog. These undies are amazing and I am already eying the jock to add to my collection.

Fit:                                      5
Materials:                         5
Put Together:                  4
Look:                                  4
Daily Wear:                      5

Overall:                           4.6

Check out the Baskit website for more information about this amazing company and this amazing line of underwear. You can purchase Baskit through many online stores as well. To find a list of online stores, go to their website. The /pure/ collection comes in a jock, bikini brief, low rise trunk, and boxer brief.

While at their site, you might also recognize one of the Baskit models.  Scott Herman from MTV’s Real World Brooklyn is featured in many of their photos.

Baskit provided us with the underwear to review for this article.

New Collections at EROGENOS.COM

We are excited to add the New Timoteo Quake Underwear Collection and the swimwear line Skmpeez from Canada. Check these out and make them part of your collection today.


New Timoteo Quake Underwear Collection

Check out the New TIMOTEO Quake Underwear Collection. They offer stylish color combinations in a super low bikini, jockstrap, and boxer brief. Also check out their great tank tops and shirts from their athletic collection.


Skmpeez Swimwear from Canada

We are pleased to add selections from the SKMPEEZ Swimwear collection. We are very impressed with their unique designs, quality materials, and impeccable construction.

Here is a press release we received from JockBoyLocker. We printed it here to give you all the information about their new contest!
ATLANTA, GA – June 10, 2009 – is having its first ever JockBoyLocker’s Life’s a Beach contest. We are inviting the general public to submit pictures of themselves at the beach or at a pool for consideration into the contest. This is the time to show the world how much fun you have at the beach.

The contest will run from June 10, 2009 to August 7, 2009. A winner will be chosen randomly each Friday during the contest starting June 19, 2009.

The prizes will be merchandise form or Jock Boy gift certificates. The minimum prize value will be $15 and the maximum prize value will be $100.

Do you love underwear and swimwear, but the economy has caused you not to stay current with this year’s styles? No problem, enter to win and you could be stocking up on all the hot new men’s underwear and men’s swimwear at

This is a chance for everyone who has hit the beach or a pool this year to enter to win some hot new swimwear, underwear, athletic wear or jewelry.

We are accepting submissions from 12:00am June 10, 2009 through 11:59pm August 1, 2009. The first winner will be announced on Friday June 19, 2009 and every Friday after until August 7, 2009.

Hurry! There isn’t much time to get your pictures in so send them to with the Subject line: JockBoyLocker: Life’s a Beach Contest.

For complete rules go to

You can check out the contest starting on June 19, 2009 at

How to enter to become our JockBoy Life’s a Beach Contest:

1. Take a photo of yourself at the beach or the pool. Photo must be a minimum of 300 pixels tall x 250 pixels wide. Larger photos are accepted but may be altered by Photos that may be considered as ‘fake’ will not be entered at the discretion of

2. Email your photo to us at with the subject line: JockBoyLocker: Life’s a Beach Contest.

3. Make sure to check out our official rules at

4. Send your photo before the last entry day August 5th at midnight. Each Friday 1 winner will be selected on June 19th, June 26th, July 3rd, July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, July 31st, August 7th to be considered to win you must have your photos entered before the Friday cutoff date.

5. Come back to every week to see who wins.

6. Winners are announced each Friday from June 19th until August 7th. Winners are determined by photo quality and the theme of the contest ‘Life’s a Beach’. Photos that are submitted will be posted at

Good Luck!


This week is that there are two additional auctions for some very special items. A poster from the theatrical release of Shock to the System signed by Chad and a copy of the novel Third Man Out signed by Chad along with a copy of the DVD that Chad gave to Ken, the webmaster at his site,  at Sundance when he attended to see the premiere of Save Me in 2007.

Another big thank you to all the bidders and especially the winners.

You can check out this week’s auctions at:

Please drop by and place a bid to win these very special items!


Chad Allen winner of the Davidson/Valenti award which presented to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for our community.

We are also starting a new auction tonight. This time we’re auctioning the third in our series of auctions to benefit Chad’s AIDS/Lifecycle ride. So far we’ve raised just over $600 but much much more is needed. With the recession donations are down and the need is even higher than ever. If you can’t bid please make a donation on the ride. So far Chad has raised about half of what he raised last year and less than 20 percent of what he raised his first year on the ride.

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“…we can’t sit around and complain about the ways things are if we’re not willing to create the change.” – Chad Allen


Our Underwear of the Week this week is the C-IN2 Core Collection Jockstrap. This is part of a redesign of the entire line. The line was just released this month and has given a new look and feel to the collection.

C-IN2 has been one of those companies always at the top and creating new underwear that fit guys great. Here is some information from their site.

If you’re looking for your standard fly front brief, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Behind close doors, Co-founder/Designer (and resident genius), Gregory Sovell, in competition with himself, seeks to evolve beyond his own original groundbreaking designs. But bringing a new product to the market “must never be just for the sake of being different.”

Sometimes you’d like to look better undressed then dressed, Greg searches worldwide for cutting edge technologies and fabrics to create products that make you look — and feel — better. Whether innovation in technology — the Contour Pouch, Sling Support, and Trophy Shelf – or fabrications such as Bamboo and Kinetic he encourages you to embrace your freedom to choose what you find sexy in underwear – and who you want to be sexy for

There is something for Everyone!

6206418m-white-1 6206418m-black-3 6206418m-white-2

To get the C-IN2 Basic Jock we recommend getting it from Skiviez. They have great words to say about the Jock as well… C-IN2 has outdone themselves with this jockstrap. Taking a step back in time, C-IN2 has taken the design of the retro jock and incorporated the wide waistband in their own way. If you’re looking for a comfortable and classic jockstrap, then this is definitely the jock for you. Comfortable and sleek, this jock is perfect for the gym or daily wear. The price at Skiviez is  $19.00.