This is a company if saw in our local gay paper, Southern Voice, and this listed as a great Xmas present and I totally agree. The undies look hot and these are screen shots from their site, I think it’s VERY HOT. They Are Ristefsky Macheda

This is thier bio on the site:

It’s not just designer underwear and beachwear. It’s not just modern luxury or refined living. It’s the fashion attitude that blends European sex appeal with that relaxed Australian lifestyle. Welcome aboard. This is the RM lifestyle revolution.

Launching RISTEFSKY MACHEDA (RM) in 2005, designers Stephen RISTEFSKY (left) and Vincent MACHEDA (right) have created an international cult following for their men’s designer underwear and beachwear collections. Combining the style and sophistication of Europe with the well ragged masculine Australian lifestyle, RM has put underwear and beachwear in the fashion fore.

Both designers hail from European backgrounds yet have immersed themselves in the iconic Australian way of life. The synergy of the two cultures yields and brand like no other. Collections that define fashion, campaigns that ooze sex appeal and a lifestyle to be envied.

The last pic is a pair that I think is hot so I”m going to have to order some soon and let you know how they fit. Check them out!


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