Out Magazine is giving away a free gym membership for a year. And lately I’ve wanted to join a gym and figured, hey what do I have to loose? So I entered, and we’ll see, not even thinking I have a remote chance in winning but hey, just something to pass the time. But this is sponsored by Calvin Klien Underwear, which leads me to my post, which I wanted to but have been too lazy to do. The New CK Steel Undie!

I have to say the CK Steel briefs are some of my new favorite undies. There was a time when I really didn’t care for CK Undies because they didn’t have a good pouch and their boxer briefs would bunch up and I figured why wear undies if I have to deal with this. But over the last few years CK has really done some great stuff. The picture above is from their Steel Line and it’s the brief, boxer briefs and thong. I want to try more, I have the brief in gray. It fits great and wears very well.

CK has come out with some good stuff in the last few years and I hope they keep it up. I just hope we get more colors rather then the white, black and gray. I know in other lines they have red, blue and a few other colors. But if you haven’t checked them out, go pick up a pair and you won’t be sorry.


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