Hi everyone, I posted an episode to my podcast, Terminally Single Podcast.

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Terminally Single Episode 30 – The ruined podcast of the Month

– Timothy M

Terminally Single Episode 30 – The ruined podcast of the Month
Sunday , March 23, 2008

I am joined by cohost Ryan and Ness from We’re Mean Because You’re Stupid.

We start off talking about the new posiition on iTunes Personal Journls. yes I”m on page two and have a new review by Big Fatty.

Also i think there should be a “Big Fatty Ruined Podcaster of the month and year award”

We do a quiz on first dates and in the tabulation me and Nessa talk about the reality tv: Top Chef, Supermodel and such.

We talk about Gay Days and the plans for it. I maybe down there.

Then we talk about the logistics of 4 ways and it goes down hill from there. And what ever else we can chat about and we have SIX count them Six voice mails!

Thanks again.

Ryan is located at::

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Were Mean Because Youre Stupid Reply

    Where’s the rest of the show? iTunes only gave me about 2 minutes or so. Grrrrr..

  2. So much fun having Ryan AND Nessa on this one!

    Congrats for being on page 2 on iTunes!! And yes, Ryan is correct, I started iTunes. Send your money to my P. O. Box.

    I would agree that my most ruined podcast of the month was the time We’re Mean Because You’re Stupid gang was on my show. I was having connection problems remember.

    TIm, I love you and your show, but please, take a decongestant before you record. I know you mentioned it at the end and I agree with you. I think you need to take something before you record. Love ya!

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