I was given the privilege to review a new brand of underwear soon to be hitting the streets.  Junk Underjeans provided us a couple of pairs to test and review.  First impressions were very soft material, very comfortable upon putting them on, and really cool patterns.  I wasn’t too sure about the first pair, as it did not seem to do a good job with holding the boys in place.  Now, having tried the second pair, I think it might have been operator error.  I wasn’t sure about the zipper fly combined with the internal pouch and how it all worked together.

What happened with the first pair was that it seemed to stretch out and not keep everything secure.  I am sure my exploration of the ins and outs of the undies did not help matters.  I was a little concerned by this until I tried the second pair.  On the second pair, I did not check out or explore its features, but wore them as one probably should.  I put them on and away I went.  Everything fit perfectly, stayed in place, and they were extremely comfortable the entire day.

My wife loved the second pair, too.  She liked the look of them with the silver dots on the sides, the zipper, the way they conformed to my body, and pretty much everything else.  With that in mind, I would have to say they are great undies and will be enjoyed by all!

Fit                    5
Materials          5
Put Together     5
Look                5
Daily Wear      5

Overall          5



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