Hey guys, and maybe, even a few gals. I would like to inform you about a new brand I was introduced to recently. The brand is called Justus Boyz. My good friend John wrote up a review on several pairs of the fitted trunks and I wanted to echo his comments as well as give my two cents.


I wore the “Str8 Boyz Like it Hard” fitted trunks for a whole day and my activities included my workday in the office as well as mowing the lawn and hitting the gym for some cardio. Normally, I don’t wear trunks since I am a jock lover, but I gave these trunks the benefit of the doubt. I found the trunks to be very comfortable and fit quiet well. The waistband was made of very durable elastic and the size large I was sporting fit me as well as I desired. The material was also soft. It gave ample coverage both in front and back. The pouch was designed well for my junk. I would like to agree with John’s review and say that I liked the way the trunks are cut. They are not too long or too short.


As far as the look, I enjoyed the blue colored trunks with the screen print writing on the thigh. I would, however, have to agree with John. “Is that all?” It would be nice to see something more. I did enjoy wearing them, regardless of that fact. I felt they were great for daily wear and I plan to wear them again whenever I am sick of wearing jocks.


In conclusion, the Justus Boyz fitted trunks are a great pair of boxer style underwear. I give it an overall rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:     5

Look:                4

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            4.8

If you want to get into a pair of these trunks fast and check out the other great trunks, briefs, jocks, and other gear they have, go to the Justus Boyz website at www.justusboyz.com. As you can see from the pictures above, you can also get the fitted trunks with the phrase “Gay Boyz Like it Hard” as well.

Justus Boyz provided the trunks I have reviewed.

NOTE: Some of the pictures are from International Jock, you can get the pair from them for $22 as well!

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  1. ohhhhh sooo close to a full 5 stars! =] I don’t own any Just US Boyz.. [i think i need to] =) xo xo :el fano:

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