How did you get started in modeling?
Actually It kinda came to me because I own a graphic design business and got my first job from that. However, I got into the fitness modeling industry via Olympia 06’s World’s Fittest Model contest, as a top 15 national finalist… And it all came from takin a chance when I felt inadequate. It just happened to work out to my favor! 🙂 Just take the steps and hope the ground will be there… Kinda CHULo5_55x85_postcardlike Indiana Jones, Last Crusade movie.

When did you start modeling Underwear?
My first underwear campaign was with and I’ve continued to work with them since… Such good people! 🙂

Is modeling underwear harder or different from modeling clothes?
Yes it kinda is… Cuz you have to have your body fit on top of doing poses and such you do anyway with clothes on lol

What companies have you worked for?
OMG… You’d have to see my resume on for that answer… I don’t have enough space on here for that one… But I can name some print campaigns that stick out a bit: , , Chulo Wear, Bgreen, Hempwear, and several more… Fun times! I LOVE working with great hearted, nice people!

What was the best time you had on a shoot?

I always have a great time shooting, but ESPECIALLY when the photographers are really cool, down to earth people and not divas DaggerTop2ToneLtBlue374x560ya know?! haha

What is your favorite underwear?
I’ve liked ALL the brands I’ve modeling and really cant wait to do more companies for new things… The brands I’ve worked with have really taken care of me so I don’t run out of samples to wear! Haha gotta luv that aspect of modeling! 😉

Any shoots planned for the future?
Actually yes… Im doing some more diverse stuff to keep my portfolio and resume stretching beyond the same ole same ole… Oh YOU will see too! 😉 I also do a LOT more work with Diabetes awareness now because I’ve been Type 1 diabetic for over 20yrs now.

Where can our readers find you?
They can find me on or twitter @JMIAHONLINE but all the links are on my website!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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