A personal love of mine is trying underwear I thought, in the not too distant past, I would never have the chance to try.  The feeling of sliding new exciting underwear into place is one that cannot be described in words.  A chance to try underwear from another country…well, that can provide this exact feeling.  I am proud to have had the opportunity to wear a pair of James Tudor underwear.

The James Tudor Half Fall Boxer
The James Tudor Half Fall Boxer

From across “the pond”, James Tudor rises as an innovative new brand in the UK.  The motivation, it seems, behind this new brand is the need and desire of men to have underwear that meets the growing demand of fashion and comfort, something we believe should be synonymous with each other.  From the logo waistband to the piping, James Tudor has taken great strides in providing today’s man with both characteristics in “revolutionary styles, from the magnetic fly to the traditional basics such as the athletic brief.”

This review pertains to the Half Fall Boxer in black with white piping in size small, being 30-32 inches (76-81 cm).  When first slipping them on, I noticed the leg openings were a bit snug but not overly tight.  This was credited to my thighs being somewhat meatier than other small wearing men.  The crotch is crafted perfectly with a nice opening, circling the male anatomy and creating a nest for its home.  The fly, if that’s what it is referred to, is not your normal opening.  Three buttons fasten the fly closed.  The waistband is 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) wide with the logo front and center.  The material is 95% cotton and 5% Lycra.  The piping creates an amazing frame around the hips.  The tags are placed in non-irritating locations and are not rough to the touch, indicating great thought and design in the creative process.

The feel of these boxers is phenomenal.  The material is a fantastic combination and one that will provide you with hours of comfort.  The opening in the fly is not restricting to retrieval in the slightest.  The buttons unbutton to a perfect spot where one can easily remove and replace his tackle.  During a day of walking at school and shopping, there was no binding or pinching.  The cut may be different to some as it is cut more squarely than some other brand trunks.  Never the less, it is centered on comfort and style and I believe James Tudor is spot on.

Fit:                                5
Materials:                        5
Put Together:                5
Look:                                 5
Daily Wear:                     5
Overall:                         5

You can find these boxers at http://www.jamestudor.co.uk.  The price, in US dollars, is $30.00.  While visiting the James Tudor website, don’t miss out on viewing the rest of their collection of new styles and great colors.  These boxers were provided for review by James Tudor.


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