The reviews continue of Unico. I have to say what is really not to like of Unico. As, I have reviewed underwear by Unico, I have found very few I haven’t liked. Actually, everything I have reviewed I have loved. It goes back to the pouch! There are very few undies with out pouches that I like. The pouch just holds everything the way it should be held.

I put these undies on and they were similar to the Jardin pair. They had a very similar cut, but they were a really bright yellow. It’s awesome to see some really fun colors come back to men’s undies. Although, I have a friend who said “The last thing I want to do is to have to color coordinate my underwear.” I know there are some of you thinking that, but it can be fun to do that from time to time.

These underwear were a bit different then the Jardin pair, they were a spandex/cotton blend. Which I liked, but I found the spandex blend more comfy. These have the same pouch and fit. But I personally love the fit of the spandex best. That doesn’t mean to say I didn’t like these. They still fit pretty awesome. The pouch was the same as in all their undies.

Fit:                   4.5
Materials:       5
Put Together: 5
Look:                4.5
Daily Wear:     4.5
Overall:            4.7

There were furnished by Unico. They are available through the Unico store, http://www.mundounicostore.com/. They cost $30 on the site. Check out all the Unico styles


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