We continue with part 2 Today. Here is the rest of the top 10 Colors!

Number 5 – PINK

Pink is not a color that most people would think should be on a man, much less in the top 5! However, since pink is so closely associated to the soft and feminine, it can draw attention to the masculine. As ridiculous as that may sound, it’s true. For instance, white and black compliment each other as do red and green, blue and orange or yellow and purple. This is because they are opposites and therefore compliment each other and the same is true with a masculine man in pink. I love anything that highlights the manliness of a man. A man that has softer “feminine” qualities (which there is nothing wrong with) may also use pink to highlight that part of his persona. Pink is a great color for muscular men as well as guys with a strong feminine side. Colors such as lavender and other pastel shades can also have this manly underscoring quality.

Number 4 – BLUE

Completely opposite to pink, blue is probably the least gender specific color. It’s the color of the sky and the ocean making blue the most present color of the Earth. Blue can be perceived as a constant and stable color in our lives. Blue can also be a calming color and has been proven to help the body produce chemicals that promote calm in our bodies. Blue doesn’t have to be so sedative. It can be electric and dynamic in brighter shades. When it comes to a man in blue underwear, this shade magnifies the personable, charming, and amicable side of the man. Not that it can’t also be energetic and sexy as hell, it’s still underwear. Another great thing about blue is it’s diversity in hue and shade. That diversity also translates to the qualities it will bring out in you. Blue is a great underwear color choice for men with blue eyes. Try to get the shade that matches your eyes, yummy!

Number 3 – RED

Red is a stimulant. It increases enthusiasm and encourages action and confidence and screams sexuality. It’s also the color of love, passion, desire, lust, and romance. Red has an almost violent undertone with its correlation to blood. This gives the color a level of passion and emotion unequaled by any other shade. With that in mind, you can only imagine what this color says when it’s on your underwear. This is probably why red underwear is often reserved for special occasion or romantic rendezvous between lovers. This color is also a great one for days when you need a little extra confidence or motivation. Red is a great color choice for any man who wants to pack a little extra intensity in his pants. A quick diversion to a cousin of Red is Orange. The color is loved by many and is probably the most controversial color in that it seems you either love it or hate it. The same holds true for orange underwear. It looks amazing on men with red hair and is a great color for fall, especially Halloween.

Number 2 – WHITE

The color white clearly states purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. It aids mental clarity and adds a bright luminous brilliance to your disposition. When it comes to underwear, white is the clear winner in regards to popularity and volume produced. White is often the color of choice for men who really don’t care about their underwear and may be a color, or lack there of, that bellows boring or unadventurous. In spite of this there is good reason to purposely choose white underwear. White can state confidence with an “I don’t need color” color. And because white can be a blank slate, it is a great color choice to allow yourself to make the statement and not your underwear. Yet the brightness of white can provide a contrast to men with darker skin tones and can stand out when wearing dark colored clothing when the underwear may be seen. White is a must for every underwear collection. It’s been said white is an “essential color of underwear, a staple”. The best thing is white looks great on everyone and with any other color garment.

Number 1 – BLACK

And the number one spot goes to… BLACK! Black is authoritative and powerful. Black can evoke strong emotions; it can make the wearer appear thinner and sophisticated. It’s enigmatic, strong and, second only to red, is the sexiest color out there. Black can be combined with any color and take on and magnify those qualities and characteristics. Black can be used to draw attention to and define the wearer, the clothes, or the color. It outlines and exemplifies the personality and character of those it covers. Like white, black is a must have staple of any underwear collection. And despite its dark appearance, black can be a subtle color. It says ‘sexy and sophisticated’ with out being in-your-face arrogant. It’s a color that stands on its own and gives that same confidence to the man in the package. Although it is a powerful bold color, it leaves the talking to the man and doesn’t take over. Black is the best “color” because it goes with any style, color, and attitude. It can highlight any emotion, character, or trait. It fits any body type, shape and ultimately any man on the face of the planet and does so with style, grace and an unassuming sexiness. Black brings out the staggering masculinity of men. Black is number one.


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