I got a chance to see some of the new Good Devil Underwear. The new line which I will say is not for the shy. If you are familiar with the brand you know its def about sexiness and fun. Good Devil was released last year and has gained popularity quickly. We will  not be posting too many pics of the line in this post, well of the front. I know, it sucks but our hosting company wouldn’t be happy with us if we ran them.

The new line consists of:

  • Ballz-Out Series
  • Lace Series
  • Sheer Balls Series
  • Bam Series
  • Exposer Series
  • Skin Series


Good Devil Ballz-Out BoxersGood Devil Ballz-Out Brief

The first one we will do is the Ballz-Out. As the name suggests there are certain things that stick out. Can you guess what they are? Well, we can’t show you the front, but if you go over to the Good Devil site you can see them. Its an interesting line to say the least. I am very interested in what you guys think of the series. It is available in a Bikini, Thong and Boxer. They have quiet a few colors as well; White, red, Turquoise, Pink, and black.

Good Devil Lace BoxerGood Devil Lace Brief GreyGood Devil Lace Thong

Next up we have the Lace Series. Over the last year the whole world of lace has come into its own in men’s underwear. We have had a lot of readers and Facebook fans that really do not like lace and will not wear it. But, its getting to be a popular fabric in men’s underwear, because we are seeing more and more lace. As I say they wouldn’t make it if it didn’t sell. Good Devil has embraced this trend and come out with a line of Lace. It consists of a thong, bikini and boxer. The colors available are black, white and grey.

Good Devil Sheer Balls BoxerGood Devil Sheer Balls BikiniGood Devil Sheer Balls Jock

The Sheer Balls series sounds like it should be similar to the Ballz-Out series but it’s not. Its a more polka-dot print on sheer fabric. It feels like a mix of the previous and new collections. It has similar styles to the last collection as in Bikini, Jock and Jock with the Good Devil branded waistband,but the boxer is very much like the Skin Series we will go over in this post. As you will see mesh is a trend with Good Devil. As noted the Styles are: Jock, Boxer, Thong and Bikini. The colors available is White, Red, Royal Blue and Black.

Good Devil Bam JockstrapGood Devil Bam Boxer

Good Devil Bam BriefGood Devil Bam ThongGood Devil Bam G-string

Bam Series is one that seems to be a lot of fun. This is one of those sexy and more like fetish wear. It’s black and looks very much like rubber to me. I got a chance to see it at Curve first hand and it looks as cool as the pics. I think many companies shy away from the more “fetish” type undies, which is a shame because they can be a lot of fun.  The brief, g-string and thong have a cut out in the front. This does allow for easy access. The boxer is more full cut without the cut out. But what I really like the rear view of the jock. I can’t put my finger on it but it’s just cool looking. This is available in a thong, Boxer, Brief, G-String and jock. The only color available is black.

Good Devil Exposer JockstrapGood Devil Exposer BoxerGood Devil Exposer BikiniGood Devil Exposer Thong

Exposer Collection is next on our list. This is a black mesh line. Again mesh is a staple with Good Devil, as noted above. This line is available with blue, red or white accents. The accents are in the name on the waistband and the piping used on the pouch. I am going to go back to the jock on this one as well. I posted a few weeks back this was the year of the jock. Good Devil proves this point very well. This jock is kind of a mix between a brief and a jock. That means the front has a very brief feel, there is a pouch but it continues to the leg straps like a brief, the pouch doesn’t end at the waistband. It’s a very cool jock again. This is available in the Jock, Brief, Boxer and Thong. The line is available in black with the accent colors above.

Good Devil Skin JockstrapGood Devil Skin BoxerGood Devil Skin BikiniGood Devil Skin String

Last up is the Skin Series. This is where some color comes in the line. If you did see the video (ether the trailer or Underwear Station video you saw the model wearing this one). The line is designed to show skin and a lot of it. The Jockstrap is one that has a pouch more of a g-string. It’s very skimpy and small. The only difference the leg straps. The string and bikini both share this smaller pouch as well. You can see by the picture that there are two straps that come off the pouch and you can wear it more like a traditional brief or show off more skin. The Boxer is more traditional and only has cut outs on the sides. Still showing skin and sexy. This line is available in Jockstrap, Boxer, Bikini and String. The colors available are White, Purple, Black and Green.
Good Devil is definitely not for the shy or guy who doesn’t want to show off what he’s got! The new line lives up to the previous and takes it to the next level. If you are a fan of mesh, cut outs and smaller cuts you will like the line! They have been around under are year and are gaining popularity. I have seen them pop up all over the place. If you haven’t seen the line go to the Good Devil site or check out one of your favorite retailers.

What do you think of the collection? Are you a mesh fan? What about lace? Let us know what you think. Look for the preview of Intymen and more coming soon! You can get these from the Underwear Station Website.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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