The Malebasics Lace Micro Thong V-String is a great pair of underwear. I received the black and red pair to review. The waistband is a wide 2 inch piece of soft black lace. The actual pouch and thong strap are a red nylon/spandex blend. (85% Nylon 15% Spandex.) The materials are very soft.

Now I know many of you aren’t the type that wear thongs on a regular basis. The thought of wearing a lace thong might just seem even stranger and too feminine. If you strip the preconceived notions of what is masculine versus feminine you might be surprised by the likability of wearing this garment. Women wear lace often because it is a soft fabric. So why shouldn’t men get the chance to feel soft luxurious fabrics against their skin. The day I decided to wear this pair for my review I sat at my desk at work and ran errands after in NYC. This invovled some serious walking around several neighborhoods so I definitely had a chance to put these to the test.

The design of the underwear is very simplistic. The pouch is two pieces of fabrics with a front middle seam and the thong strap is attached at the base of the pouch. I prefer my underwear to not have a seam in the center of the pouch. Malebasics only offers this thong is two sizes (s/m and l/xl). I found that the front seam didn’t bother me as it normally does because the size of the underwear was larger than what I normally would get. The length of the strap was also nice. There was never a need to adjust the pouch or thong during the day.  The width of the waistband was a little too wide. Since the fabric is so soft there is little structure to stop it from folding. Under my jeans it stayed flat for the duration of the day but later when I got home and decided to relax on my couch in just the underwear I noticed that it was folding. The waistband is so soft that I was happy to realize I hardly felt it on my skin.

I don’t think I would wear these to the gym. I say this not because they are very feminine looking but solely based on the sizing. They are very comfortable to wear under jeans but I don’t think they would be very supportive while working out at the gym. Would I wear them again? Sure. I don’t think I would make them a regular pair I pull out of my drawer but they will definitely be worn at some point again when I just want to look sexy while I lounge around.


  • Soft fabrics
  • Fun color blocking
  • Good design and manufacturing


  • Front seam in pouch
  • Dual sizing ratio
Fit  4
Material  4
Construction  5
Look  4
Daily Wear  3
Overall  4

This pair was furnished by Malebasics and is available for $17.99 at their site.


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