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Briefs can be beautiful. The Magnificence Collection from Male Power is… well, magnifique.

These undergarments are made from a polyamide spandex, micro blend fabric that looks exquisite and feels luxurious. Yet it is durable and long lasting, just what you would expect from Male Power.

These high fashion garments are available as a Mini Short, Micro V-Thong and Jock. All of them feature a unique and highly provocative cutout window for a sneak preview of the treasures contained in the contour pouch below. Plush elastic and metal grommets further enhance this ultra-erotic underwear, and will send you and your partner into the sensual stratosphere. Pick from two color choices, the very distinctive jade green or the classic jet black, both with black trim.

Magnificence can be found in the Male Power Supplement, Volume #2, 2022 – and on today’s stylish man who wants to make a very sexy statement.

Fetishwear used to come with a stigma that it’s just for “those people.” The guys into the really kinky stuff that we should avert our eyes from. Now in the 2020’s fetishwear is going mainstream. Well, I see it going more mainstream. It’s time to wear what you want and just have fun! Seeing a guy in a harness no longer gets stares but has become commonplace.

Male Basics Erotic released the DNGEON line last year. It was a simple collection in all black. The line consisted of several harnesses, jocks, and a roman skirt. The new collection has expanded into four new colors army, red, yellow, and midnight.











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When you shop for any fetishwear it’s usually expensive AF. It can run into the hundreds of dollars. If you go full leather it can be more. However, if you have always wanted a fun jock or harness MaleBasics just released a new collection of fetishwear that is affordable and fun.

The new collection has a series of jocks and harnesses (full body and just chest). I love this collection because it’s affordable and will allow more guys to dip their toe into the fetish world. I love this collection and would wear every piece, especially the harnesses. I may pick up a few for myself.

And if you love them they are on sale 15% off at the UNB Store, no codes needed. The most expensive pair is $32 regular price and $27.50 on sale. Here are some of the pieces in the collection. Shop the MaleBasics collection.

Let’s face it, masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you love them or hate them they are becoming mandatory in cities and businesses. One brand that is making some really awesome masks affordable is Male Basics.

The MaleBasics Defender Mask

The first mask is the Defender mask. This mask is a three-layer mask. It comes in so many different designs and colors. There is one here that will fit your personality. The features of this mask are:

  • Fabric provides liquid barrier performance: prevents the transfer of water-based liquids.
  • Antibacterial technology.
  • Protective face mask that allows the exchange of air and oxygen.
  • Prevents inhaling moisture and droplets.
  • Reusable: washable up to 50 times to preserve antibacterial properties. 
  • Hypoallergenic fabric
  • Retails for $12.99 but the more you buy the bigger the discount.

The Defender Basic 2.0

If you are looking for a more affordable option, the Defender Basic 2.0 is perfect for you. This mask has a 2 ply construction, but only comes in a five different colors. Unlike the Defender which has a lot more prints and colors. The features of this maks are:

  • Retails for $6.99 but they have discounts for the more you buy.

We all love a sale! A few great brands are having some good sales we think you should know about! They are MaleBasics and Joe Snyder!

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These pictures feature the newest line from MaleBasics called the Camo line. It comes in Briefs, Trunks and Boxers. We want to highlight that this is perfect underwear for extreme conditions. This is what they told us about the collection: The material allows humidity to go out and air to go in. The fabric is extremely soft to the touch and the shapes have been engineered to give support and an ample range of movement. See the collection at the MaleBasics site.

mbs04-turq_1Today’s review is the Male Basics Sport Boxer. As always when I received them I couldn’t wait the open them and see them. The first thing I noticed was the great design of the sports brief. I have never had mesh type underwear and was excited to try them.

As always I wore them on a busy work day. I prefer to try them on busy days when I know I will be moving a lot so I can get the best results for my review. I am a true size medium, but I found these to run a little small. They were snug in the waist and tight around the leg holes. I do have somewhat muscular legs and even taking that into consideration they tended to bind and pinch my legs throughout the day. I tried to gently stretch them but with not much luck.

I was hoping the mesh type material would be cool and airy, but I found them to be a bit on the hot side. Like I said I’ve never tried mesh type underwear and maybe this is the norm. The material is very sturdy and of good quality. I always go for high quality underwear and Male Basics defiantly makes high quality

The design and construction were superb, and they look very sexy, both on an off. I was impressed with how well they were made. Much better than I thought they would be. I thought with the mesh type fabric the construction wouldn’t be very good but I could tell these are made to last.

I tried them two more times but not at work One time was dinner with friends and one day was out running errands, and as fun and sexy as they are they just didn’t fit the way I was hoping. I am thinking of getting a pair in large and see how they do.

If you like sport boxers, mesh type underwear or something fun, sexy and different these are a must have for your collection.



  • Great material
  • Fun design
  • Stands up after washing and wearing several times
  • Great construction/ quality underwear


  • A little on the snug side
  • During strenuous activity it got warm down there.


  • Daily fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Material – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

I suggest you try them if you like mesh fun underwear, and you will definitely get a quality underwear. Male Basics furnished this pair for review.

mbs04-turqs mbs04-turqb

IMG_2971We have more pics for you from MaleBasics. This time we have model Adrian Barreto is modelling the:

– Malebasics Classics Contrast Brief :
– Malebasics Classics Boxer Brief:
– Malebasics Classics Trunk:

Malebasics Geometric Collection

MaleBasics came out with their new Geometric line this past week. It’s a really fun line featuring Chevron, Byblos and Hounds Tooth patterns. Here is what they told us about the line.

We decided to have a bit of fun with this new collection while keeping it classy end elegant. it’s all inspired on this season’s trend: Geometrics. We went from the traditional and classy “Houndstooth” a.k.a “Prince of Wales” to the simplicity of Chevrons. The Malebasics Geometric Collection honors the colors that have defined the brand for the last 12 years: Red, Black and White


We chose 3 patterns that are very different from one another. Malebasics Byblos is an elegant pattern, inspired by structures that are impossible to achieve in the tangible world, it is a classy reminder of Japanese engravings and Op Art. Wait until you see how this hypnotic pattern gets wrapped around your waist.


We made the Malebasics Chevron Pattern very irregular on purpose. The idea was to recreate the hand-traced patterns that can be found in African and Amazonian tribes. The effect is extremely beautiful and elegant when printed on our super soft fabric.


“The Prince of Wales”: The quintessential masculine pattern. Commonly known as the Houndtsooth, it has its origins on the garments used by Scottish shepherds. Then popularized by Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor and Prince of Wales, it was adopted by upper classes as a symbol of status. During the 20th Century, designers like Christian Dior, Moschino and Chanel have used the pattern in their collections. As the geometrics are coming back this season, what pattern could be best revived if not the Houndstooth? We decided to go ahead with a Classic as we felt that it was time for the Prince to make it all the way to your underpants but this time, oversized!

The high percentage of Cotton on this collection and its weight, makes it very resistant and soft to the touch. We took our engineered underwear and transformed it by suing these new prints. The comfort is the same it’s just the look that has changed. There is a new element in this collection and that is the fact that we started to use our new logo on the waistband. Also, this is our first collection of Underwear that includes a Jockstrap.

Find the Patterns for pre-order  and more at the Male Basics Site –

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 photo Like fetishwear? Then check out the STUDmuffin NYC SPIKED JOCK The Original Spiked Jock Strap.

Available in S/M or Large.
Current colors available include Blue, Pink, & White (Nude).

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dylan2 New at Topdrawers: gorgeous colour-blocking style from Canadian designer Dylan Ribkoff! These exceptional men’s undies have a luxurious feel thanks to the unique ultra soft ring-spun yarn fabric. This time-honoured method takes five times longer than modern day yarn production, resulting in a rare cotton with a luxurious soft texture.

The quality even extends to the waistband, with woven fabric elastic and extra stitching on every seam, resulting in increased garment life and superior comfort. Made in Canada quality!

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