“I feel pretty. Oh, so pretty.”  How else should one react when putting on a piece of underwear that reminds them very much of a sexy piece of women’s lingerie?  The white and black, 78% nylon and 22% spandex brief is perfectly name “Cheeky.” This name references both its bold statement and its fit, not to mention that when this reviewer sees the word he immediately thinks of a British maid which fittingly works for this garment. Its high trim around the buttocks does show a little more cheek than I typically might be used to, pushing the name even further. This does not take away from its comfort or sex appeal however. The lacey trim supports and adds comfort to all of one’s rear assets. The soft nylon pouch in the front does the same for those other utmost important pieces of equipment that need to be held and comfortable. All in all this a comfortable piece with a nice amount of design flair, in an odd sissy-like type fashion.

Available in two color combinations black/white or white/black, the piece is slightly limiting in fashion with that regard. However, for what you are buying I am not sure one would want any other colors. It does have a few other downsides as well. This is not a piece that I would recommend for everyday use. The lace and the nylon both seem somewhat fragile and I would be afraid to put them through too much rigorous wearing. The garment is also not washing machine safe and must be hand washed and laid flat to dry. Hanes briefs this is not. All those women out there that feel men have it too easy when caring for our undergarments now have a piece to throw in our faces. Kudos to them.


  • Cute
  • Comfortable
  • Different


  • Care Instructions
  • Not for everyday use









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*

This pair was furnished for review by MaleBasics. It retails for $24.99 on their website.


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