I got to review another pair of the Male Basics lace underwear. I enjoyed the last pair MaleBasics and was excited to try another. This time the review Male Basics Triple Lace Thong. Its a lace front pouch with thin multiple elastic straps that make up the waistband. A single thong strap attaches to all three waistbands in the back. The pair was black (which is my favorite color!). I think this is a very sexy pair of underwear

Since the last pair was so comfortable I figured I would wear them to work all day. Spending 9 hours of sitting at a desk in a comfortable pair of underwear and then test them out at the gym. Its not often that I find a pair of underwear to be so uncomfortable that I have to take them off. After 6 hours they came off. This underwear is very hot but it is not a pair that you could wear for a long time. They are more suited as a pair of lingerie that you put on with the intent of taking them off quickly. Hopefully someone else is removing them off of you. Wink wink.

I had to readjust the thong strap several times because it was too short for a comfortable fit. When elastic is as thin as it was in this underwear it has a tendency to dig into the skin more when it is tight and this to be the case with the thong strap. Some people would think I needed to get a bigger size but the waist fit perfectly. The pouch offered less room than I needed. Perhaps if Male Basics continues to offer this product they would reconsider the length of the strap and use more lace in the front for guys that need more room.

Buy this if you want to turn your partner on. Just don’t sit at your desk too long wearing it.


  • Sexy design
  • Fun Waistband


  • Short thong strap
  • Flatted pouch
Fit 2
Material 4
Construction 3
Look 5
Daily Wear 2
Overall 3.2

These were furnished for review by MaleBasics.


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