I am reviewing the Malebasics Micro Thong. This thong comes in four colors (red, black, turquoise, and white.) and I reviewed the white pair. The contoured low-rise design of the pouch is made of a brushed Micro-Fiber material (Nylon 85% Spandex 15%). I usually prefer the pouch to be made from one piece of fabric with the lower half sewn together to form the cup of the pouch. This thong pouch is made from two pieces of fabric. A vertical seam is in the front. It is a thin material that is soft to the touch. It also breathes well to insure comfort during the day. The waistband and thong strap are thin pieces of elastic that have a great amount of stretch.

The description of this product online stated that it is great for active life. I decided to do an extra hard work out at the gym to test their statement. I spent about two hours doing cardio, weights and stretching. I have to be honest and tell you that it seemed like. Was naked under my gym shorts. I hardly felt any underwear the entire time I was going through my sets and routine. Normally if you sit in a thong too long the strap in the back can begin to feel tighter. I never once had to adjust the waistband or the strap. When i was in the locker room the pouch had been pulled lower than where it started. I also wish the front seam had more of a curve to the design to avoid the flattening that occurred in the pouch. Now keep in mind that since this garment is made as a small/medium there are going to be different experiences with fit in each person. The rest of the day I decided to keep the thong on.  The material is so lightweight i wasn’t wearing a sweat soaked pair of underwear. I just held it under a hand dryer and it was dry in minutes. (Yet another advantage of wearing a thong!!!!) The rest of the day I walked around doing errands before finally heading home. I  relaxed on my couch in just my thong. This is definitely going to be something i wear to stay cool when the hot summers of NYC start. I slept in it as well and woke up under my covers thinking i was naked.  Malebasics needs to rename it “almost naked thong”.

I really enjoyed the ease of this thong. You put it on and never need to fix or fiddle with the strap or pouch. Visually I was displeased with the placement of the tag on the inside of the pouch. Since the fabric is white and also very thin the label is visible through the front. Simple solution was just cutting the label out. This seems to be an issue with many thongs I review. There just never seems to be a consistent solution for the tag when it comes to designing thongs for men. The little details I didn’t like are all just personal preference and should deter you from picking up this sexy thong. Who doesn’t like putting on a pair of underwear and feeling like they are naked. It’s a great thong for every guy out there.


  • Soft fabric
  • All day comfort


  • Tag placement
  • Pouch drooped a bit while working out.


 Fit  3
Material  5
Construction  5
Look  5
Daily Wear  5
Overall  4.6

This pair was furnished by Malebasics and is available for $16.99 at their site. (or who ever they designate)


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