I got the chance to meet up with Jason Scarlotti from 2(X)ist at Magic this year. He walked me through what is going to be new for 2(X)its this year. They have, as you would expect, a lot planned. One of my favorite things I saw is the new swimwear. They have taken patterns and such and are making stripes out of them. The pair in particular is made out of Fish! It’s one of the more creative things I’ve seen in a long time. It’s definitely something outside of the box.

This is list of what is coming this year. I don’t have pics for everything yet but you can guarantee that when it all comes out we will have Style Brief or write up about it.

  • Basics
    • Basic 100% are going to be offered in three packs, Will be available at Macy’s and Blomingdales,
    • Styles will be: no-show, contour pouch, new boxer brief, which has a fly
    • Tanks will come in 2 packs
    • Made in cotton/spandex
    • Available in black, red, white and black stripes
  • Speed collection
    • Made from a moisture wicking fabric
    • Has a printed elastic band that goes form one color to the next
    • Available in a jock , no-sho brief and trunk
    • Double printed waistband
    • 5 colors
    • Will be released in Spring
  • Sail
    • Designed with yarn dyed stripes for nautical
    • Has a pop of color on waistband
    • New brief called sculpted brief, has leg opening that tapers down (see picture at the side)
    • This makes it look like you are wearing a skinny brief
    • Available in a brief and no show trunk, and tank as well
  •  Cabana
    • To be released in May next year
    • BRIGHT waistbands with microfibre yarn dyed stripes with silicone 2xist logo
    • This line has really bright colors and also fun beachy stripes
  • Every two months they are adding in prints and patterns. Some of the patterns coming are:
    • Bandana blue and red
    • Navaho waist band
    • Tile print – all over with solid and solid with tile waist band
  • Touch collection
    • New colors for spring and adding a yack thong
    • Colors include, purple orange, red and green
  • Swimwear
    • Adding fun colors, nautical stripes with exposed elastic waistband
    • Prints in stripes with school of fish print Navy and White (see pic above for School of Fish)
    • Bandana – Similar to the print collection is being made into swim. It will feature bandana swim print
    • Nautical – with Nautical knots stripes. Available in bikini, trunk and boxer
    • Plaids – yarn dyed plaid. Available in a bikini and woven boxer
    • Herringbone pattern will be made in woven fabric, also in bright colors
      • Smaller in knits a compact herringbone
    • Gold – The gold underwear line is being made into a swimwear line.
      • New with cargo pockets and all gold accessories and gold waistband is in side
      • Available in a square and bikini

This is a lot but don’t worry as the year progresses we will update you when these are all out. We don’t have dates on everything yet or pictures. So stay turned





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