I don’t always get to review the underwear after wearing it several times. Many times my opinion on a product can change after its been put in the washing machine. Some fabrics doesn’t hold up and some fray. So I am able to tell you all about this great bikini and give you feedback on it after washing it.

The Male Power Herringbone Mustang Bikini has become my new pajamas. When I first wore them I was first impressed with the fabric used for the bikini. It’s a knit Herringbone made of 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex. It’s super soft and feel great on the skin. It’s basically a loose knit piece of fabric in a herringbone pattern. Guys- if you haven’t felt a knit as your underwear this is the perfect one. It’s breathable and so comfortable. Sometime our sexy underwear is not the most comfortable to wear to bed.

I even wore it to the gym and loved it. Most bikinis tend to ride up my butt cheeks and never stay in place. This rear design is great and stays in place. The only issue I had was the big itchy tag sticking into my crack. Just cut it out and its fine. Why do underwear companies still insist on putting big tags in underwear? Especially itchy ones?!

Pros –

  • Great design
  • Great quality knit fabric
  • Comfortable to sleep in

Con’s –

  • Itchy tag!


  • Fit: 5
  • Materials: 5
  • Look: 5
  • Construction: 5
  • Daily Wear: 5
  • Overall: 5

Male Power furnished this pair for review.


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